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Animal Magnetism



January 2011

1: What’s your name?

Stella Babe.

2: Who do you belong to?

Marie Havens.

3: What’s your breed?

French Bulldog.

4: When & where were you born?

May 5, 2005 (Cinco de Mayo) & Missouri.

5: Where do you reside?

Upper West Side, Manhattan.

6: Where’s your favorite NYC hotspot?

Riverside Park, Central Park & Pup Culture.

7: What do you like to do in your free time?

Jumping in deep snow, roaming around NYC, playing with squeaky toys, receiving shiatsu massages & sleeping 18 hours a day.

8: What’s your favorite food?

Core Wellness Oceanfish, lots of salmon & lettuce.

9: What’s your favorite possession?

My pink squeaky pig.

10: Who’s your best friend?

Che Eeyore.

Questions by PMc Magazine

Questions Answered on Behalf of Stella by her Owner Marie Havens

Photography & Design by Marie Havens

Clothing by Nicole Kim: Leale Premiere Collection, for further information and/or to place an order:


Leale Photoshoot, Leale Premiere Collection (Dog Clothing Line) by Nicole Kim, NYC, October 21, 2010, Photography by Marie Havens

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