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Animal Magnetism



January 2011

1: What’s your name?

Lloyd Dobler.

2: Who do you belong to?

Elizabeth Deese, she’s a great mom… though a bit neurotic.

3: What’s your breed?

I’m a pug!

4: When & where were you born?

January 16, 2007 in the BK, Brooklyn!

5: Where do you reside?

Now I live in Orlando, Florida with my mom, she moved for work.  I like it though, we do lots of events with the SPCA.  She drinks wine and I get to run around with other dogs at this cool place on a lake (they have peacocks too… which we like to bark at!)

6: Where’s your favorite NYC hotspot?

I love the Leroy Street dog park in the summer; they have a pool.  I also love that my mom can take me to Bloomingdales.

7: What do you like to do in your free time?


8: What’s your favorite food?

Filet mignon!

9: What’s your favorite possession?

My blue monster! I’ve had it forever and I really enjoy showing it who’s boss!

10: Who’s your best friend?

I have 2.  I haven’t seen them in a while since I don’t live in NYC right now… but they are Stella Babe & Che, two French Bulldogs.  I miss them… all the time.

Questions by PMc Magazine

Questions Answered on Behalf of Lloyd by his Owner Elizabeth Deese

Photography & Design by Marie Havens


Lloyd, NYC, June 20, 2008, Photography by Marie Havens

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