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A Profile on One Management’s Scott Lipps

January 2011

Like the Wild West, true grit is also what it takes to make it in New York City. This column will be devoted to the beloved characters that have made it in Manhattan, that tough-as-bedrock isle nestled a stone’s throw from Rikers Island. Our First True Great: One Management‘s Scott Lipps.

A lot of buff straight guys who hang out all day with models end up looking like rockers. But Scott Lipps, age 40, founder of One Management, is the real deal. The Woodmere, Long Island, native first made it as a drummer in a band called Black Cherry, which opened for Jane’s Addiction and Iggy Pop, before a repetitive motion-driven arm injury forced Lipps to retire young.

Lipps began his second incarnation at a model agency schlepping packages, driving for models, and throwing together portfolios. Within a year, he was running their women’s group. He founded One Management in 2002 with, yup . . . just one model: Rie Rasmussen, model, actress and director.

Today, thanks to this force of nature, One’s world-famous stable includes Claudia Schiffer, Helena Christensen, Iman, Lizzy Jagger, Eva Herzigova, and Bar Refaeli. Lipps has also realized his dream to manage bands and actors as well. He has brokered ad shoots and magazine spreads for Spacehog, Cassie, Duran Duran, Eve, Pete Wentz, Panic at the Disco, The Kills, Michael Pitt, Emile De Ravin, and Nick Stahl.

We caught up with Lipps, who put us on a cell-phone speaker–clear as a bell–on a quiet night before a recent snowstorm.

Jeffrey Slonim: You already rep so many classic supermodels, can you name a few of your next-generation hotties?

Scott Lipps: Carola [Remer], Tasha Tilberg, Charlotte Di Calypso, Linda V [Vojtova], Elsa [Sylvan], Deborah [Muller], and . . . Marcelia [Freesz].

JS: Do you still find it inspiring to work with the all time greats?

SL: I love working with the iconic girls. It has been inspiring over the years to work with Claudia, Eva, Helena, Iman Bridget, Tasha, Rie, Erin–to work with such cultured women who have achieved so much. Some have their own makeup lines and clothing lines. Helena‘s a prolific photographer and does a lot of modeling . . . film. Building brands has been our strategy.

JS: What is One.1?

SL: It’s our “Beauty Is Back” division for naturally beautiful, sexy women, the Victoria’s Secret–Sports Illustrated realm. It’s not about being edgy. We just launched eight or nine months ago.

JS: And One (M), Music?

SL: We do a lot of branding for bands and artists and ad campaigns. We put The Virgins in the Tommy Hilfiger ad. We arrange covers for L’Uomo Vogue and spreads in Rolling Stone. And we manage the Darling Stilettos and Matt Sorum from Guns ‘n’ Roses’ new band. It’s a rock version of the Pussycat Dolls with four girls. There is a big segment running right now on Fuse TV about them. We also helped my friend Nur Khan with his Rose Sessions at the start. We have our hands in a lot of things with Calvin Klein, Prada, Dior, Chanel, V magazine, and high-end luxury. It all comes back to what those
brands are looking for.

JS: Where do you find fresh faces?

SL: Everywhere. An agency in L.A., Germany. One of our agents is Brazilian, and two of the new girls came from Brazil. One, Sweden. Scouts, people in the business . . . .

JS: Where do you chill?

SL: I like crystal-clear blue water. The closest place I’ve found is Turks and Caicos.

JS: Do you still have time to hang with all of the greats?

SL: Eva I just get to see a couple of times a year in Europe. I see her and her boyfriend and her family. People are usually first attracted to working with you because they like you as a person.

JS: What restaurants do you love?

SL: Nur is a good friend, so Kenmare is one of my favorites. Sushi Yasuda is great. Momofuku. Torrisi Italian Specialties is phenomenal. I’m going to Del Posto tonight, Mario Batali’s place. But to eat like that every day, I have to go to the gym.

JS: And is it difficult for the models to keep their gorgeous coat-hanger figures?

SL: If I was getting paid $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, $20,000, $100 grand a day, and all I had to do was eat a really balanced diet and work out and be personable . . . it’s a small price to pay. We work with different trainers and nutritionists. It’s really about watching what you eat, eating sensibly. . . moderation.

JS: Why do some models become superstars?”

SL: Honestly, it’s work ethic. They have to really want success. That and the personality. Yes, the right people have to believe in you, and luck and timing are a factor. But most successful people really want it, and the rest falls into place. Of course, if one of the most influential photographers in the world happens to like you . . . you’re good to go.

Scott Lipps is the founder of One Management whose stable of models includes Claudia Schiffer, Helena Christensen, Iman, Lizzy Jagger, Eva Herzigova, and Bar Refaeli.  He also manages bands and actors as well.


One Management Official Site

Jeffrey Slonim is a special correspondent for Allure, a contributing editor at Interview Magazine, and he regularly contributes party coverage to People Magazine. He has had columns in the Art Forum, Elle Décor, Gotham, Hamptons, The New York Post, Newsday, The New York Daily News. He has also written for Arena Homme +, Architectural Digest, Art & Antiques, Blackbook, Vogue, L’Uomo Vogue, and Men’s Vogue.

Written by Jeffrey Slonim

Photography by Marc Dimov and Chance Yeh for Patrick

Design by Marie Havens


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