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You Know Me !


February 2011

1: How do we know you?

Gosh, Patrick, I think we met in the Michael Todd room at the Palladium, but I got to know you much better when you would visit me backstage at my shows and shoot all the models as they prepared to walk the catwalk!

2: What is your latest project?

I have a few things going on…I have my own retail store in the West Village. I am designing a big diffusion collection for the Bon Ton stores in the Midwest, and I am very active with the Humane Society and various animal rescue groups.

3: Where are you living?

I live with my hubbie, the incredible framer John Esty, in the West Village on Greenwich Avenue around the corner from my store. After traveling so much in the late 90′s, I wanted to make my world smaller so I live and work within walking distance and love it.

4: What don’t we know about you?

I decided to become vegan about 10 months ago and have become very involved with the growing anti-fur movement. I have come to realize that animals are not ours to wear or to eat and I am learning more everyday as to how to be a more compassionate person.

5: What is your favorite travel destination?

Parrot Cay in Turks and Caicos. It is an incredible holistic spa and super easy to get to. I wear caftans day and night which is heaven in my book.

6: What inspires you?

Compassionate creativity.

7: If not yourself, who would you be?

One of my idols is Wayne Pacelle, the president of the Humane Society…so maybe him!

8: What book is your bible?

I reread Dancer from the Dance by Andrew Holleran every summer. It’s a gorgeous story about gay New York in the early 70′s.

9: What is your favorite word?

Ahimsa, which means “no harm.”

10: Who is your biggest hero?

St. Francis.

11: How would you define success?

Being in the world but not of it.

12: What would the last question of this questionnaire be if you were the one

John, where do you see yourself in ten years?

John Bartlett is a two-time CFDA award winning designer.  He has been designing under his eponymous label since 1992 and opened up his West Village flagship store in NYC four years ago. He is an humanitarian and activist for many movements including the rights of animals.



Questions by PMc Magazine

Photography by Thomas Evans for

Design by Marie Havens

Special Thanks to Anita Marie Antonini


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John Bartlett, Derek Warburton Hosts the VIP Grand Opening Gala of Housing Works Hell’s Kitchen, Housing Works, Hell’s Kitchen NYC, March 22, 2010, Photography by Thomas Evans for Patrick

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