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A Conversation Between RACHEL ROY and BETH MELILLO

Rachel Roy by Beth Melillo

February 2011

I’ll never forget the very first TV shoot I was producing for Patrick McMullan’s Full Frontal Fashion show back in 2008. We were at the Bowery Hotel for a Vogue event, and when we saw Rachel Roy, Patrick took her photo. There was a moment of appreciation friends share, and we all smiled and laughed. Rachel Roy is such a talented designer and a very exceptional woman. I truly respect how hard she has worked. It makes me smile when I see her photo in the department store for her Rachel Rachel Roy line and think: “that’s my friend.”

Patrick has hosted TV segments at the Rachel Roy Collection presentations in the past for some of his fashion segments, and so Patrick’s newest venture, PMc Magazine, decided to ask me to take a moment to feature Rachel Roy, our friend, in order to let you meet the woman that we respect so much.

Beth Melillo: I’m so proud of your evolution. When you think back to your very first pieces that you designed for RR in department stores and boutique stores, did you dream it would become this large?  Did you imagine you would have such a massive designer collection and junior line in department stores around the world?

Rachel Roy: I always dreamed of reaching all types of women and as many as possible, but to be able to touch such a wide range of women through my designs is something I say “thank you” for daily. I just hope women find encouragement, confidence and good energy in wearing my clothes, and are able to be more prepared for whatever tasks they are trying to overcome.

BM: I know you enjoy picking seashells with your daughters. What’s the joy of finding new inspirations and bringing them to the runway? What’s an insight to your latest inspiration and how do you stay true to yourself and your vision?

RR: I do love collecting seashells with my girls. It is the idea that there is no two alike that keeps me motivated in my search–similar to my fascination and curiosity with always looking for new silhouettes. Sometimes the simplest things can encourage me to create one of my most intricate designs.

BM: I know that you appreciate powerful women and their accomplishments, what is the message that you want to send to young entrepreneurs today?

RR: Be strong and be confident in your point of view. The only thing that makes you truly irreplaceable is being unique, kind and hard-working. As a designer it is very important to stay true to what inspires me and keeps me moving. Always know what you want to accomplish and have a plan of how to do that.

BM: Today you have 2 lines, Designer line: Rachel Roy New York and Rachel Rachel Roy, this is the first time your Designer Collection is about to be sold online? Please tell me about it and what your expectations are?

RR: I am very, very excited to be launching the Rachel Roy collection on my website RachelRoy.com. For our customers to be able to have instant gratification in seeing something they like from the line and going online to purchase it, to then having it days later in their hands, is both convenient and a way that I love to shop as well. It also allows customers in all regions of the nation to have access to the entire line and that is very important to me. And who doesn’t like a little online shopping late night?

BM: You are so creative and have such a clear vision to represent your ideas, Please tell me about the Diffusion line, secondary collection for Macy’s and how you came up with the idea to use real dancers (not models) to represent your vision for your spring look book and it’s presentation? What’s the film clip about and where will we see it?

RR: RACHEL Rachel Roy is sold at Macy’s and it is a great way to get a taste of the Rachel Roy line but with a nod to the trendier more daring styles, she is the younger sister to my designer collection.

The Dance video will be going live on RachelRoy.com on February 16th and will also be appearing on Taxi TV’s around the city. We had an open casting call and were able to select such a great wide range of dancers to showcase the RACHEL Rachel Roy Spring 2011 lookbook. It is important to me to showcase hard-working talented young people that, although they are at the top of their game, don’t necessarily have a voice. As much as possible I want to be their voice. I am so proud of them!!

BM: How have you prepared for your Presentation at Lincoln Center this February Fashion Week?

RR: Preparation begins months ahead building the collection, working on the collection, fine-tuning the collection into a story that I believe is relevant and inspirational for the upcoming season.

BM: You always bring such a fresh and entertainment-style of art and dynamic to your marketing. What are some of the other projects you’re working on to represent your lines? Please explain your Valentine’s Day Dress for yourself not a man promotion?

RR: Leandra Medine, the Man-repeller and I worked together for a Valentine’s Day pop-a-shop on our website. I have been following Leandra’s blog for a while now–so witty, clever and empowering. She helped style 4 girls from the RACHEL Rachel Roy team in these great videos.

Dressing for yourself and not a man is definitely something I advocate. You should always feel confident in everything you wear, no matter what trend you fit / don’t fit into. It was fun to be able to work with Leandra and fashionably attack their problems in such a funny way–laughter in life is key for me in the company I keep and the quality of life I am looking for.

BM: You have such a strength and determined vision, what’s the one thing you have learned about the fashion business that you use everyday?

RR: Have a strong point of view that you truly believe in, stick to it–and don’t doubt yourself at what you know to be true…fashion is the one area that I never doubt.

BM: Last, what’s the one thing you want your fans to know about you that they may not?

RR: That I adore and appreciate their support and the work that I do is truly for them.

Rachel Roy is a fashion designer.  She approaches the design of her eponymous collection with a feminine and modern point of view. Her goal is to create clothing for women who embrace fashion and dress with an effortless elegance and confidence. The results encapsulate a fresh version of glamour that evades the standard protocol for dressing today.

Beth Melillo is a freelance TV producer that produces content for various TV Networks & website platforms on Music, Fashion, History, Documentaries, Children, etc.


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Rachel Roy interviewed by Beth Melillo

Written by Beth Melillo

Photography by Clint Spaulding for PatrickMcMullan.com

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Rachel Roy, 2010 CFDA Awards, Red Carpet, Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, NYC, June 7, 2010, Photography by Clint Spaulding for PatrickMcMullan.com

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