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Who Am I ?


An Introduction to WEVLY WILSON

February 2011

1: Who am I?

I am a shoe designer by day, jewelry designer by night, and crazy, sexy, cool all the time!!

2: What do you do and what project are you currently working on?

I create interesting things. I’m currently designing my spring/summer 2012 collection of jewelry.

3: Where are you from and where are you going?

I am actually from a rural town in the South, but I’m going where no Mississippian has gone before.

4: Who is your biggest hero?

My biggest heroes are my parents. They didn’t have a lot growing up, but they created a beautiful life that has inspired me to do my best, take risks, and never settle for less.

5: What book is your bible?

My favorite book is The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn. Changed my outlook on life.

6: What are some things you love? And some things you hate?

I love the Celtics, my apartment, NYC, great food and friends. I hate Sallie Mae – the student loan people, and NYC…yes I have a love/hate relationship with NYC!!!

7: What is your raison d’être?

To create and be free!!!

8: What is your favorite color?

Black of course.

9: Who is your favorite comic book superhero?

Blade …and I loved the trilogy…Wesley Snipes was robbed!!!

10: What is your favorite NYC hot spot?

Yuca Bar in the Lower East Side!!! The best mango mojitos in town!!!

11: What turns you on?

Intelligence, bow legs, and a great smile.

12: What would the last question of this questionnaire be if you were the one asking?

Maybe…”Is there anything else that you would like to know?”

And my answer would be…”Yeah, but who has the time to tell everything?”

Parsons School of Design alum, Wevly Wilson, recently launched her new line of jewelry, W by Wevly Wilson, which mixes exotic skins, such as polished sting ray, ring lizard, and snake with metal. Wevly also designs shoes, bags, and other accessories.


Wevly Wilson’s Website

Questions by PMc Magazine

Photography by Marie Havens for Patrick McMullan.com

Design by Jillian Mercado


Wevly Wilson, at FASHION’S NIGHT OUT Celebrating Naomi Campbell at DOLCE & GABBANA, New York City, September 10, 2010, Photography by Marie Havens for Patrick McMullan.com

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