April 2011

What do you know now that you wished you knew then?

Sally Randall: It is more important to have a vision than to be a vision.

Sally Randall became an iconic face in the 1980′s NYC nightlife scene.  As a tribute, she graced the cover shot of Patrick McMullan’s highly acclaimed photography book: so80s: A Photographic Diary of a Decade.  She is a designer and photographer and the Acting CEO/Founder at KölDesign, LLC. Currently she is the Creative Director of Holsted Marketing here in NYC.


Susan B


Questions by PMc Magazine

Photography by Jonathon Ziegler for Patrick

Design by Marie Havens




Patrick McMullan & Sally Randall Brunger, at the Birthday Celebration for DIANNE BRILL Hosted by SUSANNE BARTSCH, Royalton, NYC, April 8, 2010, Photography by Jonathon Ziegler for Patrick



Sally Randall & Patrick McMullan, Patrick’s apartment, NYC, 1980′s, Photography © Patrick McMullan

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