SIX OF ONE: Six Quick Questions with One of My Favorite Artists

May 2011

Beau Stanton’s work combines some of my favorite iconic imagery: Victorian patterns, letterpress printing, Free Masonry, and the apocalypse. I find many of his paintings to be visual interpretations of the Brooklyn band Beirut: slightly old-timey, slightly sinister, with hints of melancholy and romanticism mixed in.

When he is not curling his mustache, challenging me to a dance off or assisting Pop Surrealist master Ron English, he can be found painting away in his Red Hook studio in preparation for his upcoming solo show at San Francisco’s Gallery Hijinks in September.

1. What are you currently obsessed with?

I’ve been really into 19th century design and architecture for a while.  Lately I’ve been seeking out abandoned sites like the Rossville Boatyard, Dead Horse Bay, and the Glenwood Power Station to take reference photos or pretend I’m the soul survivor of a zombie apocalypse.  It’s really amazing to see the ornamentation and attention to detail that is still visible on these places after decades of neglect.

2. Describe your work in three words

Psychosexual steamship noir


Antiquated alchemical machination.

3. What are your favorite recent exhibitions?

The Magic Caravan show at Dorothy Circus in Rome features some really immaculate paintings by Naoto Hattori and Mark Elliot (which I have yet to attend in person).

I just saw the Rembrandt and his School exhibit at the Frick Collection and was blown away by the huge amount of master drawings and etchings. You’ll see a tiny thumbnail drawing that shows more skill than I could articulate in a massive painting.

4. What is your favorite place and why?

I like riding the Metro North Hudson Line to Poughkeepsie. Aside from all of the ruined factories visible from the train, the ride allows for some solid meditative time away from the city.

5. What is your “go to karaoke” song?

Rolling Stones’ “Miss You,” or anything that I can adapt into the style of ‘William Shatner Lounge.’

6. What book has most influenced you?

Narcissus and Goldmund by Herman Hesse.  The idea of the wandering artist path as an alternative to the ascetic lifestyle convinced me that I should take a crack at this whole art thing.

Beau Stanton is a Laguna, California, transplant, moving to Brooklyn in 2008. His paintings have been shown at Ad Hoc, Opera Gallery, and Last Rites, with upcoming solo exhibitions at Gallery Hijinks and New York’s Bold Hype Gallery.


Beau Stanton

Beau Stanton by Lori Zimmer

Written by Lori Zimmer

Photography Courtesy of Beau Stanton

Design by Marie Havens


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Beau Stanton, Photography Courtesy of Ron English

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Artwork by Beau Stanton / Courtesy of Beau Stanton

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Artwork by Beau Stanton / Courtesy of Beau Stanton

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Artwork by Beau Stanton / Courtesy of Beau Stanton

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Artwork by Beau Stanton / Courtesy of Beau Stanton

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