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Who Am I ?


An Introduction to HADAR PITCHON

May 2011

1: Who am I?

I am the cliche artist, thrifting for inspiration, shooting every person they meet. I am the boy putting on the eyeliner, playing with androgyny and sexuality. I am every fluid idea that flows into my mind. I am un-apologetically me.

2: What do you do and current project?

I am an artist achieving an idea with my camera. I hate to say photographer since many these days are just that. But what separates one from being an artist or just a photographer is a vision and concept. Strong conviction is what keeps me at this race. I am currently creating stories and ideas, making them come to life. I have no one project at the moment, but many different ones.

3: Where are you from and where are you going?

I am from Florida, but who knows where life will take me. Right now, I hope to a place of success.

4: Who is your biggest hero?

My biggest hero: hands-down, Cindy Sherman. She has been an inspiration to me. I dream of one day meeting her.

5: What book is your bible?

My guide to life through book form is a secret. I secretly love self-help books.

6: What are some things you love?  And some things you hate?

I love unique, inspirational people. I hate fake, unoriginal people.

7: What is your raison d’être?

My raison d’être is to love, create art, and honestly, to inspire people to be themselves.

8: What is your favorite color?


9: Who is your favorite comic book superhero?

Superman–I just want to be able to fly!

10: What is your favorite NYC hot spot?

St. Marks during the day, and a fun dance party any night of the week.

11: What turns you on?

I am turned on by big words, and also by people who can cook.

12: What would the last question of this questionnaire be if you were the one asking?

If you could be any tree in the woods, which tree would you be?

Hadar Pitchon is an artist using the medium of photography. He views photography as a tool with which you can immediately make a commentary on anything in life. Pitchon believes his mission is to bridge the gap between fashion and art by creating a cohesive idea or story. Art, to Pitchon, is about the reaction, the moods and feelings it creates, and the ability to awaken someone from their everyday life. The feelings he has internalized every day emerges through his provocative photographs.


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Hadar Pitchon, New York, 2011, Photography by Gabriel Magdaleno

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