You Know Me !


June 2011

1: How do we know you?

I run the OPERA GALLERY in New York.

2: What is your latest project?

We are working on different projects at the moment. One of them is to recreate the Underbelly Project for Art Basel in Miami (Dec 2011). We are working on a show with pieces by the artists who participated in the the Underbelly Project (a project where around a hundred of street artists created a piece in an undisclosed location of the New York subway). This show was never seen by the public, we will make it public at this occasion. Another one is to work on a retrospective of abstract expressionism from the 50s until now. This will happen in September.

3. Where are you living?

I am living in Brooklyn with my wife and my four kids.

4: What don’t we know about you?

Being an art dealer is my third job. I was a rock musician, then a creative director for a big advertising company. I thought it was better to get old as an art dealer.

5: What is your favorite travel destination?

Aix en Provence, where I grew up. We go every summer, to see my parents, brothers, cousins, friends. Never less than 20 people at dinner.

6. What inspires you?

Creativity inspires me. I love to be surprised, and then try to make sense of it.

7: If not yourself, who would you be?

Anyone of my 4 daughters. They have it pretty good.

8: What book is your bible?

Belle du Seigneur by Albert Cohen. Pretty intense but the only book I read twice.

9: What is your favorite word?

Too many words to choose one.

10: Who is your biggest hero?

The one I have in mind wouldn’t like me to name him. He is too humble.

11: How do you define success?

I believe that real successful people don’t believe in success. They are still trying to get better.

12: What would the last question of this questionnaire be if you were the one asking?

Who is the greatest band in the world, the Beatles or the Rolling Stones? And please don’t disappoint me!!!

Eric Allouche is the director of the Opera Gallery NY.



Questions by PMc Magazine

Edited by Tyler Malone

Photography by Amber De Vos for Patrick McMullan.com

Design by Marie Havens


Eric Allouche, Opening night of “Nimbus Vapor” at OPERA GALLERY, Opera Gallery, NYC, October 1, 2009, Photography by Amber De Vos for Patrick McMullan.com

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