Who Am I ?


July 2011

1: Who am I?

Krystal Fernandez.

2: What do you do and what project are you currently working on?

I am a lingerie designer heavily influenced by vintage fashions and, occasionally, elements of sci-fi and fantasy. I am currently working on a piece inspired by the original punks, post-French revolution Les Incroyables et Merveilleuses, and another gory piece influenced by the French Revolution itself. I am also exploring new photographers and models for my pieces.

3: Where are you from and where are you going?

I am from New York originally and have lived in the city my whole life. I am trying to create as much as I can, expose my work and vision to others, and ultimately just make beautiful things.

4: Who is your biggest hero?

I have a few heroes, to name a few: David Bowie, Alphonse Mucha, Alexander McQueen, James Marsters, Tim Burton.

5: What book is your bible?

Books by Oscar Wilde, Anne Rice and Charlaine Harris.

6: What are some things you love?  And some things you hate?

I love nostalgic shows about time travel, vampires, and things supernatural. I love exploring abandoned buildings, traveling, art, music, romance, tea, most things British, buildings older than sixty years, antiques, absinthe, and of course, lingerie.

Things I hate: most things modern, industrialization, fast food, boring people without ambition, poor grammar and spelling, guns–unless they are ray guns.

7: What is your raison d’être?

Art and beauty.

8: What is your favorite color?

I would say purple is my favorite color but I also am found of cream and mink.

9: Who is your favorite comic book superhero?


10: What is your favorite NYC hot spot?

Alice’s Tea Cup.

11: What turns you on?

Antiques and effeminate men in incredible suits.

12: What would the last question of this questionnaire be if you were the one asking?

Favorite type of lingerie? I love bras, panties and garters.

A young designer with an old soul, Krystal Fernandez was born and raised in New York. In the midst of studying fine arts at La Guardia High School of Music and Art, she decided to change her path to fashion design. She took growing interest and inspiration in costume history, desiring to create a fusion of past and present. After graduating with a diploma in fine arts she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology achieving a degree in Fashion Design and working with designer Daniel Vosovic as her 4th semester critic. He guided her in her design competing for a spot in the Associates Fashion Design Exhibition inspired by designer Gianni Versace. She did get into the exhibition. She wanted to continue her studies so she applied for the bachelors program at F.I.T. She had been working for the newly opened Victoria’s Secret on Madison Ave, targeted for a high end sophisticated customer, she was hired as a member of the original hand selected team to open the boutique. Her interest in fashion design started shifting into intimate apparel; when the time came she chose to do the Intimate Apparel concentration. She participated in the CFDA competition with a line that fused sportswear and lingerie with a steampunk theme. Her collection was chosen for the first round of the competition but not for the second. Her knowledge of intimate apparel began to grow in addition to her interaction with the customers at the boutique, experiencing their needs and wants in their lingerie. That summer she interned with the Bra Launch Design team of Victoria’s Secret. Under the guidance of designer Eunice, at the same time she was still working in the boutique and shifting positions as an associate in the Visual Merchandising team. She achieved this through merchandising in floor sets with the team. The same summer she received a scholarship from the Underfashion Club for her last year at F.I.T.

She worked intensely everyday on her senior collection for the BFA Fashion show in May and got one of her looks in. She also interned for Biflex intimates group. She stays strong to her vision of fusing past and present with vintage details, avant garde yet flattering designs for the powerful enthralling woman she sees as her customer.


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Krystal Fernandez, 2008, Photography by Emily Bragg / Courtesy by Krystal Fernandez

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