Personality Snapshots by Jeffrey Slonim

July 2011

Enter the boudoir of Lisalla Montenegro, curvy 22-year-old Maybeline contract model via Brazil. The seven sexy syllables of her syncopated Brazilian name sound like a delish dish; and this sensuous supermodel so is.

On my computer, when I Google her, the first pic that comes up, from Italian GQ, is of Montenegro, hereafter the divine Miss M, laying on a pile of white linen that approximates a bare-skin rug. In the photo, she has on sheer panties that appear to have ripped, but, to be fair, may never have been quite complete. A bra lies beside her on the fluffy white cloth. The gangly dark shag is tousled. Her skin is creamy, curvy. Wow, does this young Brazilian exude “it” factor…like a young Bianca Jagger. And she looks even more glamorous in a video from a shoot, decked out in flowing fashion with a fan blasting.

The Maybelline star hails from Goias, Brazil, two hours from Brasilia, Oscar Neimeyer’s architectural masterpiece. “I love that city,” she says. “But they don’t have a lot to do there. Rich guys come to my city for the parties and the beautiful women.” When did she say was the next flight?

When M came of age–actually, she was just 14–people constantly told her mom that she should model. But only after M won a beauty contest, did she start modeling in Goias. Within three months, a scout arrived, interviewed 40 models, and picked M, who came to New York at age 16.

For our chat, the supermodel wears form-hugging Diesel jeans, a crisp white shirt by Alexander McQueen, and a bra, she informs me, by Victoria’s Secret. The earrings are Bulgari. The tresses are down and wavy.

Like M herself, the view of Union Square from her new apartment is stunning. Barely unpacked, clothes appear to be the aftermath of a minor fashion tornado on her bed. Handbags and some 200 pairs of shoes can be spotted in every direction. For sustenance, M keeps Fiji water and almonds at hand.

“It was an adventure when I moved to New York,” says M. “The language was a little hard.” Bungled grammar increases her appeal. After only five months in New York, L’Oreal plucked her from a pool of 300 beauties in 2006, to star in a commercial shot in Argentina. “Everyone saw those commercials,” she explains. “That led to everything that happened in my life. I started getting money, catalogs, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus.” She has walked runways for Hermes and Michael Kors, appeared in Vogue and Nylon, and shot ad campaigns for Ungaro and L’Oreal.  In Rome, she shot for Yamamay, the famous Italian lingerie purveyor, natch.

Best friend?  “My mom,” she tells True Great. “And [supermodel] Jessica White.”

And was M nervous the first time she shot for Victoria’s Secret? “I was excited,” she says. “But it’s a lot of pressure, filming the commercials, doing interviews. It’s good-crazy.”

While other models kick-box and play chess, M described yet another crazy-sexy hobby.  She just started pole-dancing classes. “It’s good for strength,” she says. “There are mirrors, so you’re really dancing for yourself.”
Believe it or not, M has no boyfriend. What’s she looking for in a dude? “I look for tall guys, sporty guys,” she says, decidedly not describing this writer. “Ones who go to the gym. Funny, hot, nice butt…big lips. Mmmm.” She makes a sexy smooching noise. “Polite…romantic for sure. Someone who will respect me, my sisters, my friends. They need to approve of him. If not…GET OUT,” she borrows the line from the SNL Donatella.

Favorite date: Action movies. “I love when guys take me to the movies. It’s dark and we can kiss all night,” says M, who, in her next life, might consider penning copy for VS.

And how does she maintain the beanpole figure? “I work out a lot,” she says. “AND I eat healthy. Some almonds or a little fruit every two, three hours. I only drink on Friday and Saturday. Never crazy. Drinking too much can get you a little fat.” Note to self: Lay off the sauce immediately!

The workout? “Three hours,” says M. “Never weights; my legs get really muscular and I won’t fit into the jeans. I have a personal trainer, classic boxing, biking, cardio, capoeira.”

Favorite Brazilian getaway? “Bahia has the most beautiful beaches,” she says. “I was there for New Year’s Eve with my mother, on this little island, very hidden. Clear water. Amazing sun.”

Favorite TV show? “I don’t have time,” answers M. “I read the news on my computer. And I look at Twitter or Facebook.”

And being so gorgeous, do guys come on strong? “Some are gentlemen,” says M. “But if we say we just want to be alone with our girlfriends…leave us alone!”

Best thing about the job? “I like to travel a lot,” offers M, soul searching in her own sexy manner. “We did a shoot for Self magazine in the Bahamas that was hot. Beautiful bikinis, fish, blue skies, hot guys. But because I don’t have a boyfriend, I don’t really have anybody to share it all with, which kind of sucks…because we always go to the MOST beautiful places.”

Can’t help myself: SW Supermodel who likes to travel in search of gym bunny with a sense of humor and a beautiful back end.

Lisalla Montenegro is a Brazilian supermodel under contract with Maybelline who has appeared in Vogue and walked the runway for Hermes and Michael Kors.



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Lisalla Montenegro interviewed by Jeffrey Slonim

Written by Jeffrey Slonim

Photography by Patrick McMullan, Clint Spaulding, & Owen Hoffmann for Patrick McMullan.com

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Lisalla Montenegro, WWD @ 100 Anniversary Gala, Cipriani 42nd St, NYC, November 2, 2010, Photography by Clint Spaulding for Patrick McMullan.com

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Lisalla Montenegro, amNEWYORK Welcomes KELLY KILLOREN BENSIMON & PATRICK MCMULLAN To The Family At Chelsea Room, Chelsea Room, NYC, May 18, 2011, Photography by Owen Hoffmann for PatrickMcMullan.com

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