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Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Dear Diary,

As you know sweet Diary, I have a pretty busy nightlife schedule and am steadily building a reputation as a notorious NYC party girl. These days, er, nights, my life is a steady, free-flowing stream of champagne wishes, nightlife sunrises and pa-party lines (actually, let’s face it, I NEVER wait in lines)…which is all fun and fabulous. But sometimes the most fun thing about NYC… is leaving it! Imagine my delight when I was invited by my friend, the artist Kevin Baker to a luxurious weekend getaway at a gorgeous country estate in upstate NY. Well, actually I demanded an invite…but that’s beside the point. Owned by the artist Donald Baechler, who has been an important part of the NY art world since the ’80s (I mean, the man has his own portrait by Warhol himself!), this gorgeous property is peppered with his sculptures and even has a man-made lake! That said, I’m always more interested in the pool/jacuzzi and sunning myself for hours on a chaise…in SPF 50, of course.

We drove up in Kevin’s black BMW convertible with our friends Willie and Illyse in tow, passing the time on the 2 hour ride with lots of scandalous stories and shared cigarettes. It was so refreshing to watch as the skyscrapers of my concrete jungle slowly turned into a forest of trees and greenery as far as my eyes could see. We spent the next 3 days poolside, starting our mornings with my favorite wake-up cocktail: champagne with a vodka top off, dance-offs by (and IN) the jacuzzi, magical raspberry margaritas with fresh mint grown on the estate, exploring the rolling hills of the property on their Gator™ Utility Vehicle, cooking up magical meals in the spacious kitchen…we didn’t even leave the compound once! I was sad when we finally did have to leave, but after that much R & R, I was excited to return to my city life. I’m definitely demanding another trip before the summer is over. Boom.


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Darian Darling, Kevin Baker, & Illyse Singer, Upstate NY, July 31, 2011, All photography by Kevin Baker / Courtesy of Darian Darling

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