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Six Quick Questions with One of My Favorite Artists

In the Field with Lori Zimmer

August 2011

I met Daryll on the streets of Miami, during Art Basel a few years ago. Working hard on his mural for Primary Flight, we managed to squeeze in a few beers at South Beach’s only dive bar, the Deuce.

Daryll’s work is simultaneously optimistic and pessimistic. His pieces remind me of a glimpse of the age old war of man versus nature. Slightly retro-futuristic, trees burst forth through urban clusters, destroying, yet somehow also symbiotic with, the buildings they penetrate.

The new dad has been keeping busy in a multitude of shows over the past year, in addition to bringing his murals to New York.

1. What are you currently obsessed with?

The connections between all of us and our habitats. Facing personal demons as well as our inherent human struggles. Finding sanctuary away from modernity and time for personal reflection. Looking for diamonds in the rough on the street to work into installations.

2. Describe your work in three words

Dystopic, Optimistic, Bipolar.

3.  What are your favorite recent exhibitions?

Although not quite an “exhibition,” the Underbelly Project has to be my favorite outside-the-gallery experience. Painting four levels below the city with a small headlamp to paint in the pitch black damp underworld in the wee hours of the night felt really good. Something about a kind of “art time-capsule” makes me smile. Primary Flight Miami is a fun time every year with its amassment of worldwide artists, genres, styles and approachable street-level large scale works, Brett Amory at Lazarides and Jonathan LeVine were some great back to back shows. I’m slightly biased because we share a studio, but I really love where he’s coming from as well as his subtraction approach to painting.

4. What is your favorite place and why?

Oregon Coast in the Summer is the most beautiful place I’ve found so far with the Four Corners area coming in close a close second. San Francisco all other times for the spirit, inspiration, complexity, climate, immediacy, culture, proximity to my family and hometown (Reno), and the small big town feel.

5. What is your go to karaoke song?

“White Wedding.”

6.  What book has most influenced you?

A Brave New World comes to mind as a book that hit me hard in my angry early teen years. I’m still a sucker for futuristic (or sometimes predictive) dystopian novels. That, or maybe The Giving Tree had a very early influence.

Daryll Peirce is a San Francisco based painter, and dad.


Daryll Peirce Official Site

Written by Lori Zimmer

Photography and Artwork Courtesy of Daryll Peirce

Design by Devon Pentz


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Photography and Artwork Courtesy of Daryll Peirce

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