August 2011

1: What are you wearing?

My mom’s vintage shirt, Levi’s shorts, black vintage flats, Marc Jacobs bag.

2: Where do you live and what do you do?

Union Square, New York City. Actress, theatre-maker.

3: Give us one word to describe your personal style?


4: Who is your style icon? Or from whom do you get your style inspiration?

Rock Bands. Debbie Harry (back in the day).

5: What were you doing last night? And what were you wearing then?

I went to a bar (coffee shop) to discuss a play reading with a friend.

6: What does “fashion” mean to you?

I care more for style than fashion. Fashion implies keeping up with the trends, but I’m a creator, I look more to my artistic icons, like musicians, rather than to models for how to style myself.

Questions by PMc Magazine

Photography by PMc Magazine

Design by Marie Havens


Zoe Worth, Photography by PMc Magazine

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