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Six Quick Questions
 with One of My Favorite Artists

In the Field with Lori Zimmer

September 2011

With respect to September’s epic Fashion Week, I talked with some talented creators who blur the lines of art and fashion.

Ashley Strout and I were friends for years before she ever showed me any of her textile designs. I always thought she was creative and had an incredible talent for styling, but she kept her designs somewhat of a secret at first. It wasn’t until she left New York to study textile design at Central Saint Martins in London that I knew she was really serious about her craft. And thank god she did, because the girl is ridiculously talented.

Her designs, under the name BlackRose LA, are quirky and real, often injecting personal symbols and humor into her beautiful patterns. One of my favorite geometric patterns is actually, upon closer inspection, a series of broken cigarettes. She makes her hand-screened fabrics and prints out of a Tribeca loft owned by her friend Courtney Gamble of MessQueen (who collaborates with on custom printed leggings). She’ll soon be relocating to a larger studio closer to home in Brooklyn, called Silky’s, where she’ll be working on her 2011-2012 fabric collection.

Ashley has had experience curating at SF’s Gallery 454, and interns with one of my favorite fashion houses, Libertine. She is currently working with artist Barnaby Whitfield on a custom printed outfit that he will be wearing in an upcoming magazine spread.

1. What are you currently obsessed with?

2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick, old Vogue illustrations, old New York.

2. Describe your work in three words:


Quirky, dark-humored, fine-line illustrations.

3. What are your favorite recent exhibitions?


Sonia Delaunay at the Cooper Hewitt, Alexander McQueen at the Met, Cleon Peterson at Joshua Liner Gallery.

4. What is your favorite place and why?


I love Guernsey St. in Greenpoint. I ride my bike down it every day on my way home…it is beautiful and quiet, the trees hang over each other so you can’t see the sky at all. It reminds me of the entrance to my neighborhood back in California.

5. What is your go to karaoke song?


Wanda Jackson: “Funnel of Love.”

6. What book has most influenced you?


I’m reading Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut, I can’t put it down.

Ashley Strout is a textile designer, clothing designer and freelance stylist living in Brooklyn, NY.


BlackRose LA

Written by Lori Zimmer

Images Courtesy of Ashley Strout

Design by Devon Pentz


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Self-portrait, Ashley Strout on the floor of her Tribeca studio with one of her designs.

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