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September 2011

1. What are you wearing today?

My shoes are Bakers. My pants are from Korea, I do not know the brand. The top is Jones New York denim collection paired with a Brooks Brothers plaid bow tie that I put together separately. My bag is vintage from a thrift store.

2. Where do you live and what do you do?

Brooklyn–and I just finished school studying interdisciplinary sculpture. I do illustrations and participate in fine art performances. I have a website that showcases my art.

3. What is one word to describe your personal style?


4. Who is your style icon? Or from whom do you get your style inspiration?

Most of my inspiration comes from men’s clothing. I love the simplicity of men’s shoes and blazers, and it’s fun because another part of my personality is more girly and flirty. My favorite is to mix and incorporate men’s looks with something like a floral dress. I used to love Marc Jacobs, that is my girly side. Terry Richardson’s shots inspire me so much. The way he shoots his models gives off this “I don’t care” attitude–it’s a feel more than a look, and that is something I appreciate. I also admire the style of Wes Anderson movies. His attention to details and color schemes are something I apply to fashion.

5. What were you doing last night, and what were you wearing then?

I went to a gallery opening in Williamsburg  (Like The Spice Gallery) and I walked across the Williamsburg Bridge. Lots of my friends are artists, so when we go out it is usually to art-related events or functions. I was wearing a red floral dress with my vintage men’s loafers.

6. What does “fashion” mean to you?

I think fashion is like a fun game–like dress-up. I can be anyone I want to be one day, and a completely different person the next. I can be more boyish one day, and then girly and flirty the next. It’s an exploration.

Clementine Jang is a visual artist and designer working in nyc.


Clementine Jang’s Website

Questions by PMc Magazine

Photography by Eden Herbstman

Design by Clementine Jang


Clementine Jang, NYC, August 2011, Photography by Eden Herbstman

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