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After Dark


The Intimate Confessions of Darian Darling

Diary Entry Dates: August 17th-22nd, 2011

September 2011

Dear Diary,

When you’re an in-demand party girl, like moi, you sometimes get flown across the country to make personal appearances. Well, this past week was one of those ultra-glamorous scenarios. My friends, NYC garage-glam band Semi Precious Weapons have been doing a weekly party called EMPIRE at The Roxy while they’re in LA recording their new album with producer Tricky Stewart (Beyoncé, Rihanna, Katy Perry). Since the party has been such a massive hit, they were asked to organize a giant after party for the Sunset Strip Music Festival. Obviously I was invited to host the event (i.e. get wasted for free, socialize and look gorgeous). Yes, sometimes it’s a hard life. But let’s be honest…it was all just an excuse to go to LA for a week to hang with my friends, right?

Wed. Aug. 17th, 2011

Day 1 in LA. I was actually supposed to leave tomorrow, but I was so anxious to see my best friend Justin Tranter, frontman for SPW, I decided to change my flight. I received a round trip ticket courtesy of Virgin Airlines for the occasion, and having been a Virgin virgin I must say that it is now my new favorite airline! They have mini bottles of champagne that you can order instantly from a touch screen! The future. I love to travel, but airports are always so depressing. Everyone dresses like they’re going to do their laundry. I miss the high glamour days of eras gone by where people actually dressed up…for anything and everything. This is not to say I’m not a fan of comfort. I am, which is why I always wear a vintage air force flight suit (but I make sure there is a stiletto heel involved). The moment I stepped on California soil I immediately had a craving for Mexican food. So Justin, Dan Crean (drums) and Knehans (SPW’s visual director) took me to Marix in West Hollywood. It’s a health-conscious Tex-Mex joint (this is LA after all) so you can sub brown rice and whole wheat tortillas….and…wait for it.…low carb margaritas!!!! Tequila and Splenda?! Now you’re speaking my language! Up next was dessert time at possibly my favorite place on earth: Yogurt Stop on Santa Monica Blvd. Their red velvet cake FroYo is divine and I’m convinced it’s the hangover cure-all. Much to my dismay they weren’t featuring it?! Unacceptable! I had to settle for cake batter with red velvet cake and cheesecake chunks. Close, but no cigar. A word to the wise Yogurt Stop: always have Red Velvet Cake FroYo. Oh, and open a shop in NYC. Thanks.

Thurs. Aug. 18th, 2011

Woke up fully clothed and in full beat this morning. What happened after Yogurt Stop I honestly don’t remember. Ooops. Today’s game plan was one thing…drink champagne by a pool. After downing a can of my favorite energy drink (Sofia Blanc de Blancs champagne in a pink can WITH sippy straw. Cheers, Francis Ford Coppola! You are a genius in more ways than one!), Justin and I made our way to our favorite LA brunch spot Hugo’s (also in WeHo). If you want amazing healthful options and outdoor seating this is the place. I always get the same thing, the chipotle scramble with brown rice since I am a firm believer in only ever eating brunch food, no matter what time of the day or night. A new treat Justin and I tried was a pitcher of roasted peach sangria with ginger and mint. Being fans of fizz and froth, we added two mini bottles of champs to the mix as well…just for some extra glamour! By this point we were wasted, so we decided to walk (yes walk…in LA…we’re NYers goddamn it!) in our 5” heels to The Standard Hotel to meet our friends Tommy Cole and Roy Caires, who own the chic boutique Alter in Brooklyn and who were in town for the festivities. I also called in our friend Jenny Sok’n Fuck for some added scandal. She’s blonde. She’s Asian. She’s fabulous. We spent countless hours lounging poolside while drinking countless bottles of champagne, talked trash and even witnessed a fistfight! Afterwards, Justin had to bounce for a business meeting so I went with Jenny to pick up her “perscription” and drive around LA in her convertible. Binge drinking has occurred well into the evening. Drunk. G’night.

Fri. Aug 19th, 2011

Not really sure what happened today. It’s all a haze. A “red velvet” blur. Brunch is likely to have occurred and I was told I went to a radio interview in Silverlake with the band while dressed like Patsy Stone circa 1992. I believe there might also have been some whiskey involved. Breedlove arrived from NYC tonight and I think there was another Marix low carb margarita moment. I also might have tried to make out with a lesbian. Whatevs.

Sat. Aug 20th, 2011

The big day of EMPIRE and the grand arrival of Lady Starlight! It’s so great when we can all be together and, sadly, it’s such a rare occurrence these days. Brunch sitch first. Duh. Countless hours getting ready. Since this was the Sunset Strip Music Festival and Mötley Crüe was headlining, the obvious choice would be an 80s spandex / Hair Metal skank look, so I decided to go against the grain and feature an early 70s Sunset Strip / Glam Rock groupie-inspired look instead. Sable Starr eat your heart out! Our EMPIRE party was free and all ages but reached capacity in minutes with a line that seemed to stretch the entire Sunset Strip. Not only did Breedlove, Lady Starlight and SPW perform, but the line-up also featured electro/hip-hop star Rye Rye, gospel chanteuse Our Lady J with thereminist Armen Ra and the avant-garde performance troupe Voyeur Burlesque! Honestly, the crowd couldn’t get enough, and the LA residents I talked to said they hadn’t seen an audience that excited and crazy in ages! I got to meet a bunch of my West Coast fans, two of which bleached their hair especially for the occasion! My Blontourage is steadily growing! Hahahahaha! I also scored some gorgeous fan art, a portrait of me as JEM from Jem and the Holograms! Such a sweet bunch.

Sun. Aug 21st, 2011

Today was mostly spent tormenting Breedlove by entertaining the idea of a trip to Disneyland, when in actual reality that would never, ever happen. While certainly a lovely idea in theory, the harsh truth is that I just couldn’t bear to be around all those children (even though they would all think I was Barbie). Plus, I don’t do lines. And Justin would quite possibly be lynched. Judging by what Amanda Lepore has said about her experiences with the Magic Kingdom, I don’t think Disney does well with gender issues. Instead of a road trip to Anaheim, we had an afterparty for our afterparty…at Marix for another margarita brunch! Shocker. It felt like NYC since moi, Breedlove, Starlight, SPW, The Alter boys, Lady J and Armen Ra are all NYers (past and present). Basically it was one giant, drunkenly wonderful lovefest. The more time I spend in LA the more I fall in love with it. Is Darian Darling going to become bi-coastal?! Only time will tell…..

Mon. Aug 22nd, 2011

LAX to JFK. Back to reality.

Until next time.



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Semi Precious Weapons “Reserved” Sign, Los Angeles, 2011, Photography by Tommy Cole / Courtesy of Darian Darling

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Justin Tranter (Semi Precious Weapons) & Darian Darling, Los Angeles, 2011, Photography by Tommy Cole / Courtesy of Darian Darling

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Justin Tranter (Semi Precious Weapons) & Darian Darling, Los Angeles, 2011, Photography by Tommy Cole / Courtesy of Darian Darling

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(Top Left & Right) Justin Tranter (Semi Precious Weapons) & Darian Darling, (Bottom Left) Justin Tranter, Darian Darling, & Jenny Suk’N Fuck,  Los Angeles, 2011, Photography by Tommy Cole / Courtesy of Darian Darling

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Justin Tranter (Semi Precious Weapons), Tommy Cole, & Darian Darling, Los Angeles, 2011, Photography by Tommy Cole / Courtesy of Darian Darling

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(Left) ROXY Nightclub, (Right) Darian Darling , Los Angeles, 2011, Photography by Tommy Cole / Courtesy of Darian Darling

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Breedlove & Tommy Cole, Los Angeles, 2011, Photography by Tommy Cole / Courtesy of Darian Darling

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Darian Darling, Los Angeles, 2011, Photography by Tommy Cole / Courtesy of Darian Darling

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(Top Left) Dan Crean, (Bottom Left) Roy Caires, Justin Tranter & Darian Darling, (Right) Roy Caires & Justin Tranter, Los Angeles, 2011, Photography by Tommy Cole / Courtesy of Darian Darling

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Justin Tranter (Semi Precious Weapons), Breedlove, Lady Starlight, Our Lady J, & Darian Darling, Los Angeles, 2011, Photography by Tommy Cole / Courtesy of Darian Darling

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