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Pet Profiles by Marie Havens

August 2011

1: What’s your name?

Gracie McGovern.

2: Who do you belong to?

The McGovern Family of Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

3: What’s your breed?


4: When & where were you born?

August 20, 2003 in Emmaus, Pennsylvania.

5: Where do you reside?

Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

6: Where’s your favorite NYC hotspot?

Central Park.

7: What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy bellyrubs!

8: What’s your favorite food?

Cheese Pupcorn.

9: What’s your favorite possession?

My pink and white blanket filled with dreams of treaties and kisses.

10: Who’s your best friend?

Phyllis Dormer and Dave McGovern.

Questions by PMc Magazine

Questions Answered on Behalf of Gracie McGovern by Dave McGovern.

Edited by Marie Havens

Photography by Jacqueline Dormer

Design by Marie Havens


Gracie McGovern, 2011, Photography by Jacqueline Dormer

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