Jonas Pelli

Who Am I ?


October 2011

1: Who am I?

Jonas Pelli.

2: What do you do and what project are you currently working on?

I manage and bartend at St. Jerome: one of the last bastions of rock and roll on the island that many cultural libertarians proudly call home. We’re located on the Lower East Side. Days, I write. I’m in talks with interested parties regarding the publication of my first novel, Retail; it reads as if Trainspotting fucked Gossip Girl and the Marquis de Sade raised the bastard love child after the parents died in a murder/suicide. I’m currently working on a collection of short stories, roughly titled American Sickness.

3: Where are you from and where are you going?

I was born in Philadelphia, PA, but have lived in NYC for most of my conscious life. If Michele Bachmann is right, I’m probably going to hell.

4: Who is your biggest hero?

Whoever makes my coffee in the morning and pours my drinks at night.

5: What book is your bible?

Jesus, pick just one? It changes every day. If you’re fishing for suggestions, read High Life by Matthew Stokoe, or Jesus’ Son by Denis Johnson, for a good chuckle.

6: What are some things you love? And some things you hate?

Love: Anything hand crafted, or otherwise artisan; no matter if it’s a leather jacket, a wheel of cheese or a handgun.

Hate: Television programs with ‘Real’ in the title.

7: What is your raison d’être?

If centuries of existential thought haven’t produced an answer yet, I won’t presume to have one, either. The simplest answer, however, is dying.

8: What is your favorite color?

Matte black.

9: Who is your favorite comic book superhero?

Danger girl.

10: What is your favorite NYC hot spot?

The standpipe outside of St. J’s.

11: What turns you on?

Leather, lace, thigh highs, big lips, and a sweet smile.

12: What would the last question of this questionnaire be if you were the one asking?

What happened in the most recent dream you can remember?

Jonas Pelli manages and bartends at New York City’s St. Jerome.


Questions by PMc Magazine

Edited by Meaghan Coffey

Photography Courtesy by Jonas Pelli

Design by Jillian Mercado

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Jonas Pelli, 2008, New York City, Photography Courtesy by Jonas Pelli

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