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A Look at Ten Men Who Proved To Be As Much Substance As Style

By Joanie McDonell


October 2011

Once upon a time, like peacocks and lilies, beautiful men were not taken seriously.

Even now, if beauty is not their business, a certain prejudice still remains. A beautiful girl is instantly desirable in every way, but a beautiful boy…not so automatic.

It’s true that some of these men–who span four decades–grew up privileged and some became celebrities. What they have in common is that all of them were born beautiful and none of them have chosen to depend on their looks.

Needless to say, there are always different courses for different horses. But if it’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then beauty in the eyes of many beholders makes for a general consensus.

Here are ten men who overcame their beauty, who proved to be as much substance as style.

1. Johnny Depp
How can the sexiest man alive be on this list? Easily. Unlike most leading men who are also good actors, he ignores his drop-dead gorgeous face and takes big chances: from Edward Scissorhands to the Mad Hatter. Making his privacy and unpredictability work–in a business where flapping around and predictability are the boring norms–has turned him into a megastar.

2. Chace Crawford
Playing the prettiest boy on the TV show Gossip Girl, his perfect looks came first. Now this unfailingly polite actor has shown he’s ready for talent first by accepting parts like that of the drug dealer in the movie Twelve and a bumbling food vendor in the upcoming What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Time will tell for sure; however smart money is betting against his beauty governing his career.

3. Theo Wenner
The youngest here and most privileged, this photographer wouldn’t need support from a media superpower if he wanted to choose a life in front of the camera. And he didn’t need it when he chose the opposite. Rolling Stone might’ve helped at first; but now, with his striking portraits and hard work ethos, he opens all his own doors.

4. Jon Neidich
His Ivy League creds, long list of connections and winning face were enough to give him instant access to an easy ride. But instead, he decided to grow a beard, patiently step back and become a protégé of consummate hotelier Andre Balazs. A protégé whom many say is becoming the heir apparent.

5. Eric Freeman
For a minute, it’s hard to see past his arresting green eyes and easy smile. However, everyone agrees that all you have to do is look at a few of his paintings to know immediately that the beauty of the man–compelling as it may be–is nothing compared to the beauty and intensity of the work.

6. Dash Snow
He was an artist who ignored his own handsome face and famous art collecting family. Like his uncle, the architect Francois deMenil, Dash made his own way, his own life. Tragically gone at 27, he had already created enough important work to be remembered and is sorely missed.

7. Syd Butler
As the hot bassist for Les Savy Fav, his great looks were part of the deal. But certainly not behind the scenes, when he started French Kiss, the record company which Time Out Magazine recently called one of New York’s best start-up stories along with Nicole Miller and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

8. Campion Platt
No one has ever given a description of him and his life without first saying how handsome he is. Despite that fact, he has always been surprisingly oblivious to his own beauty. His focus was and is on building and managing a successful career creating beauty for others with his singular architectural and interior designs.

9. Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent
His album Massacre went 5 times platinum and he has appeared in movies like Get Rich or Die Tryin’. Being shot nine (!) times didn’t destroy his career or ruin his unforgettable face. Nevertheless, a few years ago he began to step significantly away from the spotlight and into an impressive life of producing and investing.

10. Alex Wallau
Once a party person, whose stunning blue eyes drew women to cross a room for a closer look, he changed his ways and found an entry level job at ABC. He was rising quickly through the ranks–to the position of network president which he eventually earned–when he got terribly sick. He was too tough to die though, and survived against enormous odds. The illness may have spoiled his perfect looks–but bravery trumps beauty any day.

Written by Joanie McDonell

Photography by Patrick McMullan and Co. for

Design by Jillian Mercado

Cover/ Page 1:
Johnny Depp, World Premiere of Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Disneyland, Anaheim, CA, May 7, 2011, Photography by MIKE GARDNER for Patrick

Page 2:
Chace Crawford, The Seventh Annual CFDA / VOGUE Fashion Fund Award, Skylight Soho, NYC, November 15, 2010, Photography by MARC DIMOV for Patrick

Page 3:

Theo Wenner, Vito Schnabel, Dom Perignon and Vito Schnabel dinner in celebration of Terence Koh’s book “Flowers for Baudelaire”, The Home of Vito Schnabel, NYC, May 31, 2009, Photography by Patrick McMullan & Co. for Patrick


Page 4:

Jon Neidich, THE PURPLE Fashion Magazine After Party, Gramercy Park Hotel, NYC, February 14, 2010, Photography by Patrick McMullan for Patrick


Page 5:
Eric Freeman, PLUM HAMPTONS Magazine Literary Evening and Dinner Hosted by CRISTINA GREEVEN CUOMO With JAY MCINERNEY, JONATHAN MARC SHERMAN and TAYLOR PLIMPTON, Southampton Social Club, Southampton, NY, August 31, 2011, Photography by Patrick McMullan & Co. for Patrick

Page 6:

Dash Snow, Taya Snow, TERENCE KOH, JEFF KOONS, MIKE KELLEY Exhibit Opening, Mary Boone Gallery, NYC, April 04, 2009, Photography by Patrick McMullan & Co. for Patrick

Page 7:

(left) Syd Butler, Amy Carlson, Cynthia Steffe Spring 2006 Collection, The Plaza at Bryant Park, NYC, September 12, 2005, Photography by Patrick McMullan for Patrick

(right) Campion Platt, KIPS BAY DECORATOR SHOW HOUSE Opening Night Cocktail, Kips Bay Decorator Show House/Armani, NYC, April 28, 2011, Photography by JONATHON ZIEGLER for Patrick

Page 8:

Curtis Jackson (50 Cent), Bette Midler, BETTE MIDLER’S NEW YORK RESTORATION PROJECT New Leaf Restaurant and Bar, NYC, May 19, 2009, Photography by Patrick McMullan & Co. for Patrick

Page 9:

Alex Wallau, David Westin, Celebration for Peter Jennings 20th Anniversary Anchoring ABC World News Tonight, Lincoln Center Plaza, September 2, 2003, Photography by Thos Robinson for Patrick

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