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A Spotlite on Maybelline Spokesmodel SHU PEI QIN

By Anita Marie Antonini

October 2011

This 21 year-old international beauty from China originally relocated from her homeland to NYC to study ballet. The move, however, took a spin towards a career in modeling instead.

Shu Pei jumped on the fashion train and has not stopped since she started just a few short years ago. Already a designer favorite, she has Vera Wang and Miuccia Prada as fans of hers. Not bad, not bad.

Obviously, she’s an absolute stunner, but at heart she is just a regular girl who loves the beach and hanging out with her friends. Shu Pei is one of the brightest faces around the world to watch and Maybelline New York’s newest spokesmodel with her first beauty campaign debuting this fall.

Be on the lookout for the sensational Shu Pei. She is one rising star in the making for sure.

Anita Marie Antonini: “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” was a famous song in the 1980s. I could not help, but have this song in my mind as I read your bio. Thoughts (and actions) do become our realities. What or who do you think inspired you to be a dreamer your whole life or were you just born this way?

Shu Pei Qin: I’ve been following fashion and watching runway TV shows since I was little, but it never occurred to me that one day I would become a real model. In the beginning it just felt so unreal, but soon I got used to it. I would say I’m lucky, but luck alone will not take you to the top. Opportunities rise for those who are prepared.

AMA: Coming from China as a ballet dancer, how were you discovered? And how has your heritage influenced your modeling career so far?

SPQ: I ran into a model scout on the street, he gave me his card and asked me if I was interested in modeling. Then it just happened.

There’re so much in common between modeling and dancing. They’re both beautiful and overwhelming at times. You need to keep working harder and harder every day to become more successful.

AMA: Working hard and having fun with what you do is the secret of success. What do you most like about your career choice? And, on the other hand, what is the most difficult?

SPQ: I have a beautiful group of friends who I have met over the years. Everyone joins the world of fashion for its beauty. I’m thrilled to be one of them and to get to experience that every day.

As for the most difficult, the intense schedule and the jet lag can get to you at times. But when you finally see the stunning photos, it’s all worth it, isn’t it?

AMA: Can you please share with us a special moment while shooting a recent Maybelline New York campaign?

SPQ: The last time I worked with Maybelline New York was in Toronto during the 2011 Fashion Week. It was so freezing cold they prepared an electronic blanket for us. As soon as we finished every shot, the crew came over covering me with the blanket. That made me look like a silkworm, but I was very impressed by their thoughtfulness.

AMA: Our launch party for PMc Magazine sponsored by Maybelline New York is being held at the Dream Downtown Hotel in Chelsea. Do you have a favorite neighborhood in NYC, a place to escape and dream perhaps?

SPQ: Wow, what a coincidence, I live in Chelsea! Definitely it is my favorite neighborhood.

AMA: You are 20 years old, can you please tell us where you dream to be in your next 20 years?

SPQ: I hope to work in the fashion industry, doing something I love to do, and in my spare time, I want to just enjoy my life.

Shu Pei Qin is a Maybelline spokesmodel.


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Written by Anita Marie Antonini

Photography by Kenneth Willardt / Courtesy of Maybelline New York

Design by Marie Havens


Shu Pei Qin, Maybelline New York Fit Me campaign, Photography by Kenneth Willardt / Courtesy of Maybelline New York

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