Bill Indursky

You Know Me !


November 2011

1: How do we know you?

My mug can be seen on more than 50,000 weekly mailers sent to the interior design trade and savvy public on behalf of the company, one of the largest vintage, antique, and design websites on the net today. My weekly musings on the design trade, trends, and more are a must read in the industry. My often outrageous clothing choices make me easy to spot at design events around New York City.

2: What is your latest project?

For the last six years, I have been the creative and spiritual head of While he remains with VandM, he is also currently working on several TV projects.

3: Where are you living?

I live in New York City’s Chelsea area. I have been in the same small 350 square foot apartment for the last fifteen years. The apartment has gone through all sorts of looks including its most current incarnation which can be seen is on three ‘Top 10′ lists on Apartment Therapy.

4: What don’t we know about you?
There is not too many things about me that are unknown. Everything is on the internet. My life is rather an open book. I own my own web firm for the better part of fifteen years and when you work in that industry, you live on-line. Perhaps it is already too much, but I usually have no problems with it. As proof… you can see how I live. You can learn about what I collect. You can hear me talk to well known industry people. You can see my paintings. You can see my social networks.

5: What is your favorite travel destination?

I am a sucker for Las Vegas. Perhaps it is the kitsch architecture mixed with gambling and commerce that seals it for me–Disneyland for adults. That it has perfect dry weather is just a plus. I try to go each year. It definitely is my happy place. I was determined to FOURSQUARE check-in at every casino last time I went, and I did. I even took pictures at all the locations and my friend, who had not known I went to Vegas, thought I was in Europe; now that is priceless!

6: What inspires you?

I am inspired by our social, political, economic, pop culture all brought to us by the power of TV. I am a TV-holic. I watch everything. On Demand is my crack. To be able to see shows one after the other in a constant flowing stream is a dream. I especially love scripted shows. It is a romantic notion of how people could talk. No one speaks like that or can dish out one liner jokes like a half hour sitcom; to me that is the real disappointment of life.

7: If not yourself, who would you be?

I am not an envious person. I am not sure I would want to be anyone but me. It took years of struggling, being ignored, and not being recognized for my talents, but finally it all is starting to come full circle. That is the best feeling–that all that endless, ceaseless work was for something.

8: What book is your bible?

I am not a self help book sort of person but I often re-listen to How to Win Friends and Influence People, the old 1923 Dale Carnegie book. Every business book is based on it because it was the most scientific study of success. It is dated and quaint now but it is still completely true. I make all my new employees read or listen to it. If I had my way, every high school student would be forced to listen to it. If I had, it might have saved me a lot of time getting to where I wanted to go.

9: What is your favorite word?

My favorite word is a tie between tatterdemalion and tonsure. They were old, never used, SAT prep question words. But I love the sound of them and the randomness of the definitions. A tatterdemalion, by the way, is a ragamuffin, ruffian, or street urchin. A tonsure is the intentional bald spot that Franciscan monks place at the top of their heads.

10: Who is your biggest hero?

We ask this question on our own web site, and I have to admit that I hate when people answer their mom or dad.  I love my parents but, for my money, Hong Kong Phooey–the six episode Hanna-Barbera animated series character from 1974 of a dog dressed in a robe and mask who saves people from his metal filing cabinet–is the best.  What is more cool than a dog that does Kung Fu and launches out of a filing cabinet?

11: How would you define success?

It changes all the time but right now I am not sleeping until I get my own TV show! After, I can tackle landing on the moon or owning my own cotton candy machine.

12: What would the last question of this questionnaire be if you were the one asking?

Who would play you on a Lifetime movie of the week about your life? And that of course would be easy: Richard Greco, circa 1991, or anyone on the CW network now. Have you noticed in a CW world no one is ugly? No one would naturally ask me to be on a TV show. Not in the land of pretty. I would not even cast myself. So, if I had my choice the person playing me would be some one that is too hot and too young to play me and an up-and-comer in Hollywood. I always root for the underdog–assuming, of course, they are at least the pretty underdog, right?

Bill Indursky co-founded, one of the largest vintage, antique, and design websites on the internet today. The site, which began in 2006, has become a valued source for millions of site users including the trade and savvy public with over 16,000 items online from around the world and more than 700 informative articles.

As part of VandM, Bill and his team have developed one of the only trend forecasts connecting design trends and antiques which is presented each year at High Point, NC, to the largest trade furniture show in the world.

Before starting VandM, Bill founded FLASHcap Interactive, an award-winning, New York City-based, marketing and interactive firm with projects for the likes of SONY, Panasonic, Adobe, Epson, Canon, Kodak, and the Ford Motor Company.

Bill worked in the New York fashion industry for almost nine years before starting his own interactive web firm. He was employed by Liz Claiborne and J.Crew, as well as having his own boutique fashion line of club wear in the 1990s.

Bill graduated with a Master’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Cincinnati, with a minor in Fine Art Ceramics. Today, he still tackles the occasional interior.  He has been honored by landing on three ‘Top 10 ‘ lists on the web site, Apartment Therapy (Best Small Space, Best Apartment 2010, Best Spaces NYC). His apartment was also the first to appear on the well known site, The Huffington Post, in their new real estate house tour section.

As part of this discussion, Indursky will speak about the intersections of art, fashion, and design and how having had multi-design approach has helped him in the design industry, and what he sees for the future of hybrid designers.


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Bill Indursky, Living Traditions Interiors by Matthew Patrick Smyth, Publication Celebration and Book Signing, 962 Madison Avenue, NYC, May 04, 2011, Photography by ILIR BAJRAKTARI for Patrick

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