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Six Quick Questions
 with One of My Favorite Artists

In the Field with Lori Zimmer

November 2011

I first saw David Jon Kassan’s photorealistic portraits when he was showing at Joshua Liner Gallery in Chelsea. The lifesize, intricately detailed pieces are on the level of the Old Masters, thanks to Kassan’s extensive research on musculature and anatomy. He’s written extensively on technique, and lectured all over the world. His work is good and technically perfect–but recently he has done something completely innovative and revolutionary that will perhaps secure his place in art history.

Kassan has been making the rounds over the last year, giving demonstrations of his expert rendering skill, but instead of using traditional art supplies, he is doing it all on an iPad. Using the Nomad Brush and ArtRage programs, Kassan creates his incredible photorealistic portraits right on his iPads. Using a special brush, he “paints” rights on the device screen. Brushstroke, shading, color and textures are all manipulated and adjustable using the programs templates. Kassan is one of the first to perfectly mesh modern technology with traditional artistry, creating the masterpieces of the future.

Lori Zimmer: What are you currently obsessed with?

David Jon Kassan: My Fiat 500 rental car!

LZ: Describe your work in three words:

DJK: Tactile, emotive, life-like.

LZ: What are your favorite recent exhibitions?

DJK: The Kim Cogan show at Gallery Henoch was rad.

LZ: What is your favorite place and why?

DJK: Brooklyn, I love its energy.

LZ: What is your go-to karaoke song?

DJK: “9 to 5,” Dolly Parton!

LZ: What book has most influenced you?

DJK: The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

David Jon Kassan is a Brooklyn-based artist. He performs lectures around the globe, and is represented by NYC Gallery Henoch.


David Jon Kassan’s Official Site


Written by Lori Zimmer

Images Courtesy of David Jon Kassan

Design by Devon Pentz


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Images Courtesy David Jon Kassan

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