Let Clothing and Accessories Shine with a Touch of Gold…or More than a Touch?

By Eden Herbstman

November 2011

It could be early holiday spirit, but gold and metallics have become inescapable hues for accessories and clothing. Full gilded looks and metallic accents are glistening on the racks, and are becoming must-have bold looks for the winter season approaching, adding that extra something to every outfit. Choose to either shine and stand out, or take the subtle approach and add some shimmer to your look. These gold star worthy picks showcase stylish elegance, revamping the color from costume and exaggeration to high class.

Think of Diane Von Furstenburg’s skin-tight full-sleeve dress as “C3PO chic,” for any Star Wars fanatics. But in all fashion seriousness, this dress paired with black tights is the perfect statement dress for any occasion. The silk dress veiled in sequence could be edgy with thigh-high boots, or simple with a pump. For those more daring, Faith Connexion’s metallic mid-rise straight leg channels “rocker-chic glamour.” The statement pant can be completed with a black leather jacket, or to a touch of sophistication with a chic blazer. Herve Leger chose to glam up their signature figure-hugging dress with sequins, making the nude pop against the contrasting shimmer. If you want another option besides party dresses, maxi skirts are a go-to for the cold weather, and Gryphon Exclusive for Intermix chose to create a full sequence skirt of dark metallics. Straight off the Stella McCartney runway, the designer showed fuller jackets in all colors to play with feminine proportions, but this gold choice is a definite show stopper. Now that the cold weather has arrived, this jacket turns outwear into a “gold-stopper.” But because something is shiny and gold doesn’t mean it has to be too flashy, which is why Lanvin’s high-waisted shorts are the perfect choice for a conservative take on the trend. The silhouette isn’t over the top, and can be worn year-round. Lace tights are a great texture against the metallic shimmer, and once it’s warm out ditch the tights and go for a bare leg look. Forget Dorothy’s ruby red slippers, Miu Miu’s heels for this season are all about glitter, and their gold sparkle are sure to turn the cobble stone streets into the yellow brick road. Don’t be afraid to let your feet shine in these outstanding leather pumps. In our age of technology, constant advances are being made to improve our daily lives. Therefore, if our devices keep getting upgraded to bigger and better versions, so should their style. This is precisely why Stella McCartney has created a gorgeous gold case for Ipads. This woven faux-leather look, with McCartney’s signature chain trim, lets your carry your Ipad around without having to stow away in your bag.

Written by Eden Herbstman

Design by Clementine Jang


1. Diane Von Furstenbeg full-sleeve silk dress

2. Faith Connexion metallic gold straight leg jean

3. Herve Leger sequin bandage dress

4. Gryphon Exclusive for Intermix maxi sequin skirt

5. Stella McCartney wool gold foil jacket

6. Lanvin high-waisted metallic shorts

7. Miu Miu gold glitter leather pump

8. Stella McCartney woven faux-leather Ipad case with gold chain

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