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By Beth Melillo

December 2011

Amanda Hearst is socially involved with many of her passions and causes as well as supporting friends and family on their missions. She is always bringing new fresh energy and ideas in all that she does, especially when making social appearances for a cause. I’ve been there when Patrick (McMullan) was taking Amanda’s photo at the Venice Ball where she was dressed in a beautiful gown and supporting their cause. Her inspiration and support filled the room.

Beth Melillo: Amanda, You have been on a path of greatness with your own personal drive and ambition, please describe the social aspect of growing up with such a successful family heritage and the social responsibilities of attending events for great causes. How would you describe your earliest memories of attending prestigious events? Does one event/moment stand out that had an impact on you?

Amanda Hearst: My earliest memory of a fancy party is actually Patrick! From as far back as I can remember, he has been at every event shooting, documenting, mingling.

BM: What do you enjoy most about being so involved in your philanthropy causes, Friends of Finn and Riverkeeper?

AH: Friends of Finn is so important to me because I started it from scratch. It came from an idea and in two years, we’ve raised half a million dollars for the fight against puppy mills. It’s so rewarding to have had tangible success in such a short period of time.

BM: Congratulations on pursuing your career as an editor at Marie Claire magazine–and in curating your own blog, Amanda’s Eye. You are in a position to make a difference in so many ways and your life most likely provides you with the knowledge of what’s fashionable, who’s interesting to meet, etc. Do you find the best stories being out in the fashion community, mixing with the people at events, reporting on the latest trends and sharing your points of view? Or do you find them through research?

AH: Doing research is always important but for me the best way to find interesting stories has always been talking to and meeting people in the fashion community in person. People are much more apt to tell you what projects they are pursuing and what they are passionate about in person: you just don’t get the same types of stories via email.

BM: What type of social events do you enjoy most and why?

AH: I have to admit, I love to wear a black tie dress every now and again. Cocktails are a dime a dozen, but an elegant gala where you can wear a beautiful gown, fancy jewelry, have your hair and make-up done…that’s much more fun to me.

BM: Some social events are not just an average function. At a Venice Ball  for example, people are dressed in gowns and  masks and have the opportunity to dress up in character for a cause. Other events are more chic and simple. How do you prepare for what to wear to social and charity events?

AH: I never try to make a statement or wear something to get photographed. I just dress to look pretty, bottom line. So, yes, there are these crazy theme parties, but if I don’t look good in a mask, I’m not going to wear it.

BM: You attend many philanthropic and social events. You are quite inspiring (both to those who are interested in fashion and those who are interested in philanthropy). Has there been any social event or moment that has really touched you?

AH: The past two HSUS galas I chaired were moving because I had all my family and friends there. At the first one, they played a small film about the members of Friends of Finn, and it was one of those moments where you step back and say, “Wow, I really did it! I put this together and it really means something to people. This is really making a difference.”

BM: What’s next on your social calendar and what should we look out for?

AH: Various Friends of Finn-related events. I’m constantly looking for ways to partner the cause with brands and companies so expect some fun events in the near future. And if you’re interested log on to to learn more.

Amanda Hearst is a fashion model, editor, socialite and champion of many causes, including Friends of Finn.


Friends of Finn Official Site

Amanda Hearst interviewed by Beth Melillo

Written by Beth Melillo

Photography by Patrick McMullan & Co.

Design by Marie Havens


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Amanda Hearst (Wearing Valentino & Bulgari), SAVE VENICE INC. Un Ballo in Maschera, The Grand Ballroom, Plaza Hotel, NYC, March 15, 2011, Photography by Nicholas Hunt for Patrick

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Amanda Hearst, Humane Society of the United States’ MAKE HISTORY GALA, Pierre Hotel, NYC, September 22, 2010, Photography by Patrick McMullan for Patrick

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Amanda Hearst, 2010 CFDA Awards- Red Carpet, Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, NYC, June 7, 2010, Photography by Clint Spaulding for Patrick

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