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A Conversation with MINNIE MORTIMER

By Beth Melillo

December 2011

The social commitments of Minnie Mortimer vary in so many ways, from promoting and designing her own clothing line, going out on the town, being with her family or embarking on an Operation Smile medical mission, it is easy to see not only how active she is, but also how socially committed she is–especially to her foundation and charity events.

She took time out of her busy schedule to let us showcase her and all her work within the social community to give the PMc audience a small taste of the fabulous Minnie Mortimer.

Beth Melillo: You have been socially active in so many ways growing up, from boarding school, your family heritage, to creating your own voice and mission. Please tell us about the importance of being social and how that has influenced your life and provided opportunities?

Minnie Mortimer: I have always been very excited and curious about meeting people and discovering new things. I crave new experiences–from Hollywood parties to the outskirts of New Delhi. Life is an adventure–I am almost always up to try something I haven’t done before. I draw on all of those fresh discoveries while working. It helps me remain innovative.

BM: The early years after school, you were socially active as a photographer traveling the world, then met your husband and soon launched your own clothing line. Congratulations on all the success of your clothing line and all the many great things you are doing to make a difference. How would you describe your social commitments today to keep promoting your brand and balancing your schedule?

MM: First of all THANK YOU! That is so very nice of you to say!

We always have lots of parties for and around the brand. One fun aspect of the fashion industry: we know how to celebrate! For me, it is an important part–fashion should be a liberating form of self expression. My schedule is always crazy, but it all falls into place.

BM: When it comes to fashion, you launched a clothing line and have even designed a boutique collection for W hotels. In the past, you have incorporated a fashion show into your charitable event. Please describe the social atmosphere and the effectiveness of this type social event?

MM: The feeling around a fashion show has to be based in the anticipation–you are showing the world work that no one has seen before. It’s almost the same feeling as a sporting event. When the clothes have been seen hopefully everyone has lots to celebrate and discuss.

BM: What would you say is your most proud/favorite social moment to date that stands out and why?

MM: The first dinner for my label. It was a seated dinner at the Surf Lodge and we over-invited people assuming people would be put off by the drive. EVERYONE showed up–we were creating seating out of anything we could find and then it turned into this wild party, but it was so much fun.

BM: You recently were socially active in Mexico supporting a mission you believe in? Please tell us about it?

MM: I traveled as a volunteer to Guadalajara on an Operation Smile medical mission. I spent time helping hundreds of children in and out of the operating room. We provided medical screening for 168 patients, 141 procedures and 99 surgeries for children born with cleft lips and cleft palates during this 8-day medical mission. It was one of the most moving times of my life. I am continuing to support Operation Smile’s efforts to deliver life-changing surgery worldwide for children born with facial deformities by raising awareness and capital for even more medical missions. Get involved with Operation Smile; it will change your life!

BM: What’s next in your social world?

MM: Continuing to support the children of Operation Smile through social awareness and fundraising. I have been so very lucky in my life and I love paying it forward.

Minnie Mortimer is a socialite, designer and socially committed advocate for many causes.


Minnie Mortimer’s Official Site

Operation Smile

Minnie Mortimer interviewed by Beth Melillo

Written by Beth Melillo

Photography Courtesy of Minnie Mortimer via Camila Franco & Andreas Branch & Nicholas Hunt for Patrick McMullan.com

Design by Marie Havens

Special Thanks to Camila Franco & Operation Smile!


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Minnie Mortimer, CHANEL and Liz Goldwyn Celebrate “Chanel: Her Life” by Justine Picardie”, Soho House, West Hollywood, CA, September 22, 2011 Photography by Andreas Branch for Patrick McMullan.com

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Minnie Mortimer on a volunteer medical mission with Operation Smile, Guadalajara, Mexico, 2011, Photography Courtesy of Minnie Mortimer via Camila Franco.

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Minnie Mortimer & Steve Gaghan, SHOWTIME with THE CINEMA SOCIETY host the premiere of “HOMELAND”, 24 Drew Lane, East Hampton, NY, August 13, 2011, Photography by Nicholas Hunt for Patrick McMullan.com

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Minnie Mortimer on a volunteer medical mission with Operation Smile, Guadalajara, Mexico, 2011, Photography Courtesy of Minnie Mortimer via Camila Franco.











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