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By Jonathon Ziegler

December 2011

I met Tinsley Mortimer on a rainy day in her new loft apartment where I was merrily greeted by her three adorable chihuahuas, Bebe, Bella and Bambi. Tinsley looked amazing as always and we had a nice chat as we got ready for our portrait sitting. We talked about her new place and our plans for the holiday weekend. Tinsley is incredibly personable, a true social butterfly, and I had a great time getting acquainted with this legend of the NY social scene.

Jonathon Ziegler: You’re originally from Richmond, Virginia? What brought you to NYC?

Tinsley Mortimer: I came to New York City to attend Columbia College at Columbia University. I have always loved New York and, even as a child growing up in Virginia, I knew I would one day live here.

JZ: You graduated with a degree in Art History from Columbia. Who are some of your favorite artists?

TM: I love the old masters such as Rubens and Vermeer as well as the French impressionists Renoir and Monet.

JZ: How do you get inspired to design your handbags?

TM: I have over 50 styles with Samantha Thavasa. Everything inspires me from vintage clothing to my friends. I design bags that I feel I could use in my wardrobe and really want to carry.

JZ: Who is your favorite fashion icon?

TM: Grace Kelly is my all time favorite, but I also love Kate Moss.

JZ: What is your favorite vacation spot?

TM: Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St. Moritz and the Viceroy in Anguilla.

JZ: I hear you’re with the Humane Association. What do you do for them?

TM: This year I became a National Ambassador for the American Humane Association. It is my honor to work with them to encourage pet adoption and raise awareness and money for the Second Chance fund for neglected and abused animals. This past year I also adopted a seven year old chihuahua named Bambi!

Tinsley Mortimer is a designer, a National Ambassador for the Humane Association and a socialite.


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Tinsley Mortimer interviewed by Jonathon Ziegler

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Tinsley Mortimer at home, NYC, 2011, Photography by Jonathon Ziegler

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Tinsley Mortimer at home with her chihuahuas: Bebe, Bella and Bambi, NYC, 2011, Photography by Jonathon Ziegler

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