Pet Profiles by Marie Havens

December 2011

1: What’s your name?

Wilma Mohan (AKC Registration: Magyar’s First Lady of Bedrock).

2: Who do you belong to?

Mathew, Kimberly, and Evie Mohan.

3: What’s your breed?


4: When & where were you born?

May 13, 2002 in Canaan, Connecticut.

5: Where do you reside?

Downtown – New York City.

6: Where’s your favorite NYC hotspot?

Battery Park.  It’s the only place a girl like me can get a shot of Wild Turkey-Literally. That wild turkey’s name is Zelda.

7: What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to crawl under the covers of my parents bed and spin at high speeds so I can seal myself into the blankets like a bag of fruit.

8: What’s your favorite food?

Vanilla Mr. Softee Ice Cream.  It has to be Mr. Softee. Mr. Soft Serve and the rest of the imitators just aren’t the same.

9: What’s your favorite possession?

Wolfie, my stuffed gray wolf. My parents brought him back from Yellowstone for me. In the last 7 years he’s been alternately my boyfriend, my child and my prey.

10: Who’s your best friend?

If you print this you might hurt some feelings. Right now it is either Libby the Weimeraner or my little sister Evie. Libby gives me her toys, but Evie give me her food.

Questions by PMc Magazine

Questions Answered on Behalf of Wilma Mohan by Matthew Mohan

Edited by Marie Havens

Photography by Matthew Mohan

Design by Marie Havens


Wilma Mohan, 2011, Photography by Matthew Mohan

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