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Quebec, Canada: Photography & Travel Essay

By Marie Havens

January 2012

Located only 10 minutes from downtown Québec City is a magical winter paradise unlike anything in the world: welcome to the Hôtel de Glace.  And I was there to document this ephemeral work of art on it’s opening month.

The new “ice hotel” is made literally of ice (from the walls and ceilings to the beds and the bar glasses) with huge snow vaults and crystalline ice sculptures.  This unique experience is certainly a must see for all travel enthusiasts and adventurists.  Personally it was on my “bucketlist.”

You sleep on ice, drink on ice, and to make sure you don’t freeze to death…all residents are required to take a class on how to properly use their sleeping bag.

Only open from January 6th until March 25th, 2012, buy a plane ticket now to enter this incredibly unique universe and live a truly memorable experience.


Hôtel de Glace

Written & Edited by Marie Havens

Photography by Marie Havens /

Design by Marie Havens


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Hôtel de Glace, Quebec, Canada, January 2012, Photography by Marie Havens /

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