By Tyler Malone

January 2011

Lisa Edelstein has been a friend of Patrick McMullan’s for a long time, back when they were galavanting around the Manhattan streets as New York club kids. Lisa Edelstein–Lisa E. as she was called back then–was dubbed “Queen of the Night, Girl of the Moment, new Edie Sedgwick and top ‘celebutante’ of 1986.” In the intervening years, she’s become an extraordinary television actress. For much of the 90s, she had guest spots in most of the popular shows of that decade (Seinfeld, Friends, Frasier, Wings, ER, Just Shoot Me!, The West Wing, Felicity, Superman: The Animated Series, Mad About You, Sports Night, Relativity, King Of The Hill and The Larry Sanders Show), but come the new millennium, she joined the cast of House and her career took off.

Earlier this year, Lisa Edelstein was our first interview for PMc Magazine‘s inaugural issue. When she and I chitchatted a little over a year ago we talked about the 8th season of House. It ended up being her last season of the show. Afterwards, she picked up a spot on the critically acclaimed show The Good Wife. It’s been a big year of beginnings and endings for both PMc Magazine and Lisa Edelstein, so for our January Issue which we’ve themed Beginnings and Endings, we decided to catch up a year later and discuss where our favorite television actress has been and see where she is headed…

Tyler Malone: Our January Issue is themed Beginnings & Endings. It’s a new year–Happy New Year’s by the way–and now PMc Magazine has been around for a year, and we thought it’d be great, since you were our first interview back in January 2011, to check back in with you a year later.

Lisa Edelstein: Congratulations go to PMc Magazine! Can’t believe you guys are already turning one! Soon you’ll be pondering lip injections, liposuction and laser treatments, which I warn you, will only make you look exactly like everyone else who’s had them, but for now, enjoy your youth!

TM: How did these last twelve months treat you?

LE: Well, it’s been an incredible year of change for me, some hard, but mostly exciting. No one goes into this line of work expecting stability, in fact, creatively speaking, we all thrive on a bit of chaotic shifts. You just have to shake it up sometimes.

TM: Yes, one of your big changes was leaving the show House. You had been on House since the beginning, what thoughts do you have looking back on that gig–that role, that show, those people?

LE: It was a wonderful job and a life changing experience. I am thrilled I was able to be a part of it!

TM: So you left House this year, which left millions of “Huddy” fans distraught, but you immediately picked up a multi-story arc on the critically acclaimed show The Good Wife. How did that feel in terms of endings and new beginnings? What was it like to play Celeste Serrano after years of playing Lisa Cuddy?

LE: When the Kings called to offer me that opportunity, I was so excited. Playing someone a bit nasty, totally free-spirited and a trouble maker was a huge relief. Seven years of super tight skirts and a repressed personality can start weighing on a person. Moving to The Good Wife was great fun with an amazing group of people and terrific writing. Plus, I got to shoot in New York all summer. I bought a fold-up bike that I’m so in love with it approaches the ridiculous, and I rode it everywhere. It was a great change of pace.

TM: What other beginnings are going on for you in your personal or professional life? What other new projects are in the works or on the horizon?

LE: My personal life is fantastic and full and none of your business. Ha!

Professionally, I’m really looking forward to this next season of television as both a producer and actress and I’m working hard on a project of my own. I’m sorry I can’t give you more specifics, but I promise to when the time is right.

TM: You’re such a phenomenal actress–

LE: Thanks!

TM: I’m wondering what actresses you look up to? Who are your favorites?

LE: I’m not really a list maker, I don’t have a top ten or even a top two. I do look towards actresses who have long thriving careers that continue to be interesting. Women like Frances McDormand and Patricia Clarkson and others of that ilk inspire me in that way.

TM: I know you try and split your time between LA and NYC. In wintertime, which do you prefer? The mild, relatively sunny and warm, but not very holiday-feeling weather of California? Or the snow and cold that can be grating, but feels more seasonal that you get in New York? (I’m from California and live in NYC, so I go back and forth on this very issue myself.)

LE: You know, I’ve been mostly out west for a long time now and I really don’t miss the frigid winds or the heartless hail of late winter. That said, December in New York, with its crisp cool air, you can feel everyone living on the verge of vacation. It’s just in the air. I love that. You don’t get that in Los Angeles, to be sure. The closest you come to that here is when the majority of the city leaves for a week and the traffic is reduced to a less homicidal pace.

TM: Lastly, what is your New Year’s resolution for 2012? (Or what are you looking forward to doing or changing?)

LE: I’m against the whole New Year’s resolution thing. Why wait for New Years to make a change?

Lisa Edelstein interviewed by Tyler Malone

Written by Tyler Malone

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Lisa Edelstein, Photography by Udo Spreitzenbach / Courtesy of Pinnacle Public Relations

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