A Look at the NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS of Some of PMc Magazine’s Favorite People

By PMc Magazine Staff

January 2012

It’s New Year’s Day! The beginning of the new year! And time for resolutions!

PMc Magazine resolves to bring you even greater content this year than we did last year!

But we’re not the only ones making resolutions this New Year’s.

And so, in celebrating our first year as a publication, we asked many of our favorite interview subjects over the last 12 months, as well as other friends of the magazine, to send us their New Year’s resolutions.

Here are the responses we received:

Norman Ambrose: To research new cultures, art, and people to enrich my own life and the work I create.

Glenda Bailey: I don’t have any. I’m a great believer in the idea that if you want to change, now is the best time.

Erin Barr: My New Year’s resolution is to definitely get back into doing more Yoga. I find it helps with the stress!

Susan Blond: Lighten my load…at least by emptying my Kelly bags.

The Blonds: To be healthy, wealthy, wise and bring Blond to the masses in 2012!

Sally Randall Brunger: MAKE ART NOT COMMERCE. My resolution is to make things by hand again, things that cannot be reproduced and marketed, things that have meaning and personal value. It’s time to break the retail cycle, starting at home.

Jon Burgerman: To remove at least 3 items of clothing from all suitcases I pack just prior to setting off on a trip. More is more and less is best.

Sharon Bush: To count my blessings every day, tell my family and friends OFTEN how important and beautiful they are (as life is so fragile), and also to dance more and worry less.

Dan Choi: Equality.

Anna Copa Cabanna: Write some love songs. Have Patrick Swayze nights. Jump around outside more with friends.

Molly Crabapple: Every year, while everyone is busy celebrating holidays that I don’t, I hole up under the bed covers, and write, in my taskmaster notebook, a plan for the next year. But I won’t tell you what’s in it.

Ann Dexter-Jones: To truly and consciously follow my heart and intuition in all areas of my life.

Lisa Edelstein: I’m against the whole New Year’s resolution thing. Why wait for New Years to make a change?

Fab 5 Freddy: To live every second of every day like it’s the first and last second of the beginning and the end of time.

Filipa Fino: My New Year’s resolution is to edit my closet. Less is more, but somehow I always hold on to those old circa 1995 shoes that I love so much. It’s time to let go. Out with the old; in with the new.

Cat Greenleaf: This year’s resolution is to stop giving stuff up. Last New Year’s I gave up alcohol and meat. I’ve gotten quite boring. My other one is to stop being so damn judgmental. I hate myself for being that way. That’s kind of a judgment in itself, huh? Shit. I can’t stop.

Tim Hailand: My resolution for 2012 is to make he best work of my life, to have an extremely happy passionate and abundant life, and to travel the world extensively doing my work, spending much less time in NYC.

Terri King: To be more balanced within my career and family life, and to look for beauty and inspiration within what is happening in the moment.

Karen Klopp: Stress Reduction! Working on the internet is fast and furious and never stops–both exciting and stressful. At the end of the day, my shoulders are up around my ears and I am rushing to change for the evening’s events. My resolution is to make some time during the day for 15 minutes of deep breathing, a cup of tea with a friend, a walk around the block or a manicure without my Blackberry. Well, a girl can try!

Yahia Lababidi: Well, basically, it’s a combination of all the New Year’s resolutions I’ve not honored thus far, so here goes: pay better attention to inner and outer worlds is definitely at the top of the list.  Be more open/available to others and new experiences. Less mind; and more gratitude.

Asher Levine: Make more clothes, make more money, make more fun.

Geoffrey Mac: I would say my New Year’s resolution is to stop dressing drag queens, including Gaga. LOL.

Alex Mallick: My new year’s resolution is to enjoy the moment more!

Fern Mallis: To actually cook some of the recipes from the zillions of cookbooks that I have and continue to buy.

Paul Marlow: Next year I am going to try and start everything a little earlier. And squeeze in a little more personal time.

Lucy McIntyre: To play more and work less!

Nicole Miller: Learn Spanish!–I have so many Spanish speaking friends, and I travel a lot to Spanish-speaking countries, so it would be great to be fluent in the language.

Mathieu Mirano: To eat a whole cheesecake in one sitting. Not kidding.

Lisalla Montenegro: Help Others. My New Year’s resolution is simple. A popular, non-selfish New Year’s resolution, volunteerism can take many forms. Whether you choose to spend time helping out a child, or building a house for them, there are many non-profit volunteer organizations that could really use our help. I want to spend more time with children, giving them care and attention. Even though I travel a lot, I know that I can make this happen wherever I’ll be.

Michael Musto: To remember the following every time a PMc photographer approaches: Hold stomach in, stick chin out, open eyes wide, smile, but not so hard that it creates a puffy look. But most of all, look natural!

Trong Nguyen: I resolve to be more resolved in resolving the irreconcilably irresolvable.

Elizabeth Nichols: Try to figure out why I really need 11 email addresses! Answer snail mail with same enthusiasm with which I answer my email. Go to a sleep clinic! Resolve to make no more resolutions as I always break them!

Rachel Roy: To spend more extended days in the sun listening to the sea and relaxing with loved ones…and to be a voice for women and children that have no voice in the world.

Kenny Scharf: I never make them but I guess I resolve to swim and dance more this year.

Lucy Sykes: To not judge others and their choices, and to stand firmly behind my own.

Hannah Yelland: To be resolute in my resolutions…and to see my family back in England at least four times in the year!

Bettina Zilkha: I want to spend more time with the people closest to me.

Compiled by Tyler Malone, Anita Marie Antonini, Beth Melillo and Lori Zimmer

Photography by Patrick McMullan for Patrick

Design by Marie Havens


Balloons, 50th Birthday Celebration for Jeff Koons, Jeffrey Deitch Gallery, NYC, January 21, 2005, Photography by Patrick McMullan for Patrick




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