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January 2012

1: What’s your name?


2: Who do you belong to?

I am currently looking for a home.

3: What’s your breed?

Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) mix.

4: When & where were you born?

Pennsylvania and all I know is I am a young dog.

5: Why did you arrive at the shelter ?

I arrived at the shelter when my owner could no longer keep me and my brother, Monkey, who was already adopted.

6: How would you describe your personality?

I am very stressed out living at the shelter and need a home soon.

7: What do you like to do in your free time?

Wish for a new home.

8: Do you get along with other dogs?


9: What would be your dream home?

One that would take the time with me to teach me how to walk on a leash. My dream home is one for the holidays.

10: Where can your new family adopt you?



Hillside S.P.C.A., Inc is a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation that provides animal welfare and operates an animal shelter facility located at SPCA Road, North Manheim Township, Pennsylvania. The shelter currently houses hundreds of cats and dog with the average being over 200+ cats and 100+ dogs. During the past several years, the Hillside S.P.C.A., Inc. has taken in well over 1,000 animals per year.

The Hillside S.P.C.A. does not put a time limit on how long an animal will be maintained at the shelter. They give each animal accepted or rescued every attempt at adoption possible. What also sets the Hillside aside from other shelters is that the animals are not sentenced to a life in a crate, but are free to play and interact with others throughout the day.

For further information on how to help, volunteer, or adopt please visit the Hillside S.P.C.A. Out-of-state residents and our friends in NYC are welcome!

Special thanks to Jacqueline Dormer and the Hillside S.P.C.A. for helping to save hundreds of animals every year! We are honored to feature animals currently in need of a loving and safe home. For further information about all animals currently available, please contact the Hillside S.P.C.A. To help save and rescue animals like Scottie thru a charitable donation please contact the Hillside S.P.C.A.

Adoptions are first-come, first-serve & PMc Magazine is not responsible for immediate or pending adoption status updates. Any dog, cat, or animal featured could be adopted during the time this profile is published. Please contact the Hillside S.P.C.A. for immediate information regarding available animals. Ultimately we hope all animals profiled are adopted!

Questions by PMc Magazine

Questions Answered on Behalf of Scottie by Jacqueline Dormer

Edited by Marie Havens

Photography by Jacqueline Dormer

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Scottie, 2012, Photography by Jacqueline Dormer

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