Blending the Vision of Art and Fashion in this Season’s Window Displays

Style Watch by Eden Herbstman

March 2012

It is not only the fashionable clothes hanging on the racks that bring people into some of the best stores in New York City, but also the energetic artistry of the eye-catching window displays. Department store window displays are sought out most during the winter holiday season, but the spring turnover brings an exciting change. 

Diane Von Furstenberg’s Meatpacking location is feeling the spring spirit, matching her pastel clothing creations with custom-designed floral fixtures by Eloise Corrdanch. What I love most about this display is that anybody passing by can be a part of Diane’s dreamy floral fantasy, because over the mannequin’s faces are oval-shaped mirrors. Why look at the same boring mannequins wearing the 2012 spring line, when you can envision yourself on the street wearing them? Plus, instead of staring at yourself in the storefront windows (admit it, we all do it), you now have an accommodating oval mirror.

Moschino has also caught spring fever; their display features a giant blender with an assortment of fruits. The watermelon dress almost looks natural next to the plush banana and orange. Though a Moschino clothing item isn’t actually in the blender, it signifies a refreshing feeling that spring has arrived, and that it’s time to cool down in some of their clothes.

Best-known for their fashionable outerwear, Moncler always does something playful with their window displays, and for their spring looks they did not disappoint. I love the futuristic, feminine vibe of the gold robot mannequins rocking their super-cute, hot pink jackets.  Who said comic books and fashion couldn’t mix, because these mannequins’ Cyclops-inspired, light-up red eyepieces are ultra chic.

Downtown luxury department store Jeffrey shows that you don’t need a window to display the latest trendy clothes. Even though the store doesn’t showcase their clothes in the windows, passersby who look through the glass doors and up the staircase can see images of mannequins floating on cloud-like white paper balls. Additionally, another display can be found just as you walk inside on the ground floor.

The goal of a well-executed window display is to entice buyers to come into stores, and these displays, each in their own artistic way, successfully bring the excitement of spring fashion to the passersby of New York.

Written by Eden Herbstman

Edited by Jonathan Metzelaar

Design by Eden Herbstman

Photography by Chelsea Birns



Diane Von Furstenberg, 874 Washington Street at 14th Street, Manhattan, NY, 10014, March 2012, Photography by Chelsea Birns

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Left: Moschino, 401 West 14th Street between 9th Avenue and West 14th Street, Manhattan, NY 10014, March 2012, Photography by Chelsea Birns

Right: Jeffrey, 449 West 14th Street, Manhattan, NY 10014, March 2012, Photography by Chelsea Birns

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Moncler, 90 Prince Street, Manhattan, NY, 10012, March 2012, Photography by Chelsea Birns

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