July / August 2012

1. What are you wearing?

Amanda Norgaard: Jeans from H&M, my loafers I got in Spain, this is a t-shirt from a really cool brand I can’t pronounce, and Ray-Ban aviators.

Dorothea Barth-Jorgensen: Everything is pretty much vintage

2. Where do you live and what do you do?

AN: I’m originally from Denmark, but now I live in New York City as a model.

DBJ: I live in Williamsburg and I am a model.

3. What is one word to describe your personal style?

AN: I don’t have one specific style, it really depends on everything.

DBJ: My style comes from energy that is around me. I’ve been wearing a lot of white lately because it is summer.

4. Where do you get your style inspiration?

AN: From old films, and then I can get into character through my outfits.

DBJ: Artists that I find cool, or just walking around and looking at things around me. Also, from Amanda.

5. What were you doing last night, and what were you wearing?

AN: I was in bed with my boyfriend in panties.

DBJ: I wish I was in bed with Amanda and her boyfriend last night. [Laughs.] I was home in a bra and ugly sweat pants.

6. What does “fashion” mean to you?

AN: New fashion is very inspiring for my credit card, but to me it is looking deeper into things and finding the inspiration.

DBJ: It is a projection of yourself, and how others see you.

Questions by PMc Magazine

Photography and Design by Eden Herbstman


Photography by Eden Herbstman

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