Meet MICHELLE MADONNA, the Designer Behind the Summer’s Hottest Accessory

By Eden Herbstman

Fall 2012

It’s not only done in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco anymore; if you’re going to New York City, be sure to wear flowers in your hair. Walking along the cobblestones of the Meatpacking district, or outside any hot spot in the Hamptons, you’re guaranteed to see girls pairing their summer bests with colorful floral headpieces, better known as “halos.” Whether it’s hot pinks, shades of blues, patriotic color combos, or delicate white daisies, the flower child style has come back with a modern twist. PMc caught up with Michelle Madonna, the New York native behind the fast-growing brand  That Madonna Girl, responsible for the hit accessory.

Like a hippie fairytale, the inspiration for her first halo creation began with a dream. “I dreamt one night that I went to the craft store to get leather and started making these flower headbands. I told my mom the next morning, and she said, ‘Let’s do it!’ We ended up making headbands just for fun that my friends and I would wear.” I  wore one to Electric Daisy Carnival, and everyone asked me where I got it. I told them I made it myself, and after that I started selling them to my friends. Before I knew it I had orders upon orders. My friend helped me make a website, and all of a sudden I had a business.” Michelle makes, by hand, over twenty different styles of halos in a variety of sizes, colors, and patters, each with a “TMG” beaded trademark. What adds to TMG’s popularity is the personal aspect found in each of the brand’s items. All halos are named for, and inspired by, her friends. “My friend Tess wanted an all black halo,” says Michelle. “I found some black daisies, so I named that one the Tess. I then asked my friend Ally what color she liked, and she said green, so I named the green one after her.”

Not only were TMG halo’s in high demand for major music festivals such as Chicago’s Lollapaloza and Electric Zoo, but also hit the runway during Miami Swim Week’s Style Saves Fashion Show. Michelle’s plans aren’t slowing down despite the shift to the fall season. “For fall I’m going to be making bracelets and introducing more earthy colors,” she says. She will also be going on tour with Bounce Music Festival and expanding TMG to a west coast clientele. “They are doing festivals in hot places like Arizona, California, and Indiana. It’s from October through the spring. I’m going to get a vendor booth and sell halos. I’m really excited and glad I signed onto that. I love going to music festivals, and I’m happy I get to be with the girls wearing halos. That’s what really makes me happy.”

Whether she dreamt it or not, Michelle has become NYC’s most popular flower child.

Michelle Madonna is NYC’s favorite flower child, and the woman behind That Madonna Girl.


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Written by Eden Herbstman

Edited by Jonathan Metzelaar

Photography by Coco Alexander

Design by Jillian Mercado


Michelle Madonna, At her Upper East Side Studios, NYC, 2012,  Photography by Coco Alexander

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