Who Am I ?


Fall 2012

1: Who am I?

I’m a young woman in NYC with a passion for photography and a desire to live life to the fullest. Both of my parents are Rabbis so I grew up in a very religious and ethical home. Out of my five siblings, I am the only one who does not work in the Jewish world. I consider myself a very spiritual person. Another fun fact: I’m a cousin of Roy Lichtenstein.

2: What do you do and what project are you currently working on?

I am a freelance photographer. I am also a digital tech and I assist on shoots. In the past week I digital teched for the Saks Fifth Avenue’s photo studio and took photos at an event of over 1,000 people at the New York Hilton. I’m versatile and love all of my assignments. I am personally working on a couple of shoots that combine some of my interests: women and lingerie. It’s not as creepy as it sounds! My family has had a lingerie business since 1888 so I think a lot about undergarments and what makes them special and supportive. I am working with my friend Devorah Rose and we are collaborating on a shoot together. I’m also planning a shoot at the New York Arts Club.

3: Where are you from and where are you going?

I’m from LA, have been in NY for 10 years now, and I hope to be going to the beach more often next summer.

4: Who is your biggest hero?

My mother. She grew up in a household that celebrated Christmas. She recognized that she had a passion and diverted from what her family wanted from her. She has made a wonderful career for herself and now heads a female rabbi association. She is my biggest hero because she embodies what it means to follow your passion.

5: What book is your bible?

I love Ekchart Tolle. He is about finding your purpose and self within the context of the greater good.

6: What are some things you love? And some things you hate?

I love yoga, the beach, glitter, true friends, puppies, the show Homeland. I hate long lines.

7: What is your raison d’être?

Love, friendship, and companionship.

8: What is your favorite color?


9: Who is your favorite comic book superhero?

They weren’t quite superheroes, but I love the characters in Archie comics.

10: What is your favorite NYC hot spot?

I love the BBQ restaurants Fete Sau in Williamsburg and Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem. Love those BBQ hot spots.

11: What turns you on?

Intelligence and ambition.

12: What would the last question of this questionnaire be if you were the one asking?

What’s on your nightstand?

Nomi Ellenson is a freelance photographer in NYC. She studied photography and psychology at Columbia University. She has been published in Time Out New York, Huffington Post, Inked Girls Magazine and has worked for hot spots like SPiN NYC, TOY Gansevoort, and for photographers such as Antoine Verglas and Warwick Saint.


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Nomi Ellenson & Liam McMullan, ST PATRICKS DAY Party Hosted by PATRICK MCMULLAN, PATRICK DUFFY And PATRICK LIAM MCMULLAN, Yotel, NYC, March 17, 2012, Photography by Patrick McMullan for

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