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Six Quick Questions
 with One of My Favorite Artists

In the Field with Lori Zimmer

Winter 2012-2013

Floating through every art opening, Ewelina is always dressed as if at a Surrealist fête–and I freaking love it. The Polish-born, Brooklyn-raised artist may look like a delicate beauty, but she’s actually an insanely talented artist, who is as fun as her paintings are photo-realistic. Ewelina is not only a master of the canvas, but she has also crossed over to the other side of the canvas, serving as an ethereal muse to her artist brethren.

Holed up in her Park Slope studio, she draws from her childhood in Poland and New Jersey, creating her own oeuvre of modern Surrealism, fusing historical iconography from the Far East with modern pop imagery.

Lori Zimmer: What are you currently obsessed with?

Ewelina Koszykowska: Linear elements in correlation to time and space.

LZ: Describe your work in three words.

EK: Veil. Unveil. Ewelution.

LZ:  What are your favorite recent exhibitions?

EK: Lately I’ve been mingling in performance art. Aside from Marina Abramovic’s profound vision at MoMA a little while back, I am intrigued with Oliver Warden’s Box Project, which he performed at the New Museum and most recently at Bushwick Open Studios. There’s an upcoming performance of it on December 21st at CultureFix on 9 Clinton Street NYC from 9pm to 11:30 pm. Keep track of Oliver at www.robotbigfoot.com. I’ve also been following the street art scene at www.globalstreetart.com.

LZ:  What is your favorite place and why?

EK: Bali and Southeast Asia. It’s a vortex.

LZ:  What is your go to karaoke song?

EK: If I could only karaoke… I like to keep my singing voice to shower songs and the occasional mantra. Dancing, on the other hand…

LZ: What book has most influenced you?

EK: Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D. and Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. For giggles, I enjoy the author Tom Robbins.

Ewelina Koszykowska is a Brooklyn-based painter. She is currently exhibiting at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, California, an exhibit which opened on December 15, 2012. She’ll also be in several NYC group exhibitions before doing a solo exhibition in the fall of 2013. Keep your eyes peeled for Little Dragon’s next album cover as well!


Ewelina Koszykowska’s Official Site

Written by Lori Zimmer

Edited by Jonathan Metzelaar

Art by Ewelina Koszykowska

Design by Jilliam Mercado


Images courtesy Eweline Koszykowska

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