Inside Mens Lifestyle Brand GENTS with CEO & Founder JOSH REED

By Eden Herbstman

Winter 2012-2013

With the recent surge of sportswear-inspired looks in the fashion industry, the Gents brand couldn’t have come at a better time. Founded by Josh Reed, a former fashion publicist and talent agent, Gents is looking to innovate, beginning with its desire to redefine the baseball cap–an essential piece within the men’s fashion market. Combining a luxurious, state-of-the-art fit with a sharp design, the Gents cap elevates the sporty and casual accessory with stylish sophistication. Offered in a variety of designs and color combinations, the caps are also capable of being customized. Going beyond its physical products, Gents is a brand specifically for men who strive for simplicity and comfort while also remaining conscious of their style.

Eden Herbstman: Before moving to Los Angeles you lived in New York City for awhile. How do you think men’s fashion differs between the two coasts?

Josh Reed: I think the weather and mentality really define the big differences. There is a lot more color in LA, and the style is funkier and more laid-back because of the weather and the overall vibe. I think NYC has a much dressier and more sophisticated fashion-forward style, since it is one of the fashion capitals of the world and work is a main focus. A lot more black and darker colors in NYC. Not to say one is better than the other, just very different.

EH: Why did you choose to focus on the baseball cap as the initial product for Gents?

JR: I’ve always worn baseball caps and I love them, so that was the first reason. I decided to turn it into a business when I saw there was a big hole in the market for a more upscale and fashion-forward cap.

EH: What type of man encapsulates the Gents brand?

JR: Sophisticated, masculine, athletic, and fashionable-but-understated.

EH: The hats are geared toward the guys, but it seems the ladies could wear them as well. Did you keep this aspect in mind?

JR: To be honest, I really didn’t think about it at first, but then girls started buying them and wearing them everywhere. Zoe Saldana was on as a “Look of the Week” with the Gents Directors Caps, and I sold that cap every ten minutes for two days straight. I realized that if girls are wearing a men’s product, they want it to be for a man, kind of like when they wear their boyfriend’s shirt. We are calling it the “boyfriend cap” now.

EH: What does Gents have in store for the future?

JR: We just launched apparel, which is on the site now and doing really well.  There are amazing crew and v-neck t-shirts, and a really sophisticated twist on the classic baseball raglan. The Gents beanie, fedora, and newsboy cap, as well as a lot of other product categories, are in the works. We’ve also got new Fall 2013 caps with amazing new fabrications. We’re taking it to the next level!


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Written by Eden Herbstman

Edited by Jonathan Metzelaar

Photography by Stephen Busken

Design by Eden Herbstman


Cover/Page 1: Josh Reed, Los Angeles, California, Photography by Stephen Busken

Page 2: Caps by Gents, Photography Courtesy of Josh Reed

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