Talking Bath Time With NABILA KHASHOGGI

By Eden Herbstman

Spring 2013

As an entrepreneur, actress, philanthropist, and mother, Nabila Khashoggi knows a thing or to about needing time to unwind. Her brand of luxury beauty products, Nabila K, focuses on infusing natural ingredients into bubble bath oils to create relaxing and nourishing experiences. Her bath and body products bring calming external elements, such as citrus, eucalyptus, and pine to relax the body while clearing the mind. Also included are candles and stationary sets. Most importantly, Nabila K is a brand dedicated to promoting a healthier lifestyle through natural elements and ingredients.

Eden Herbstman: How did your brand come to fruition, and what was the process like leading up to that?

Nabila Khashoggi: When we were younger, our father had a line of different scented bubble baths that he commissioned for private use. It was very popular with friends and family. My siblings would bring it up from time to time, so I thought why not recreate it, and that is how I got started.

EH: Above all, Nabila K is a lifestyle brand, consisting of home decor essentials and cosmetics. What would you say are the core qualities to your brand?

NK: Understated elegance, passion, and a unique experience derived from my life experience.

EH: As an actor, author, businesswoman, and mother, how do you balance it all?

NK: I am very lucky to be surrounded by and supported by much love and a tremendous amount of humor. It makes it so much easier to be creative and productive.

EH: How does travel impact your creative process?

NK: My travels allowed me to discover and appreciate different cultures and experiences, and therefore inspired me to put together my product lines that are able to be appreciated by everyone.

EH: When not working, what can we find you doing?

NK: It is meaningful to me to do whatever I can to help kids. I support The Children for Peace (ONLUS) which is an Italian charity co-founded by my step-mother, Lamia Khashoggi. This charity is hands-on and is involved in the futures of many children in several countries. I spend a great deal of time working with them and finding ways to better assist. It is very fulfilling to see that a positive difference can be made.

EH: What’s next for the Nabila K brand?

NK: We have many more wonderful products in the pipeline, all in different stages of development. We will also soon be introducing a baby and toddler line of products inspired by my youngest baby boy.


Official Nabila K Website

Written and Edited by Eden Herbstman

Photography by Naela ElAssad

Design by Eden Herbstman


Nabila Khashoggi, Photography by Naela ElAssad

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