A Trend Report on Fashionable Punk-Wear

By Eden Herbstman

Spring 2013

With the Met Gala’s PUNK:Chaos To Couture just around the corner, I’ve compiled a few essential clothing and accesories that will get you in the punk state of mind, playing on the exhibit’s motif. Chaos to Couture will explore the relationship between the rebellious punk music movement, and it’s effect on the fashion world, showcasing the likes of Givenchy, Vivenne Westwood, and Balmain (to name a few.)

God Save the McQueen! The designer pays homage to punk music’s London roots with this leather Brit flag clutch. The punk rock cherry on top is it’s Swarovski crystal skull clasp, making this a stand out accessory. Who said punk can’t be classy? Phillip Lim explores this duality recreating the classic grunge flannel over the waist look. The designer accessorized the silk skirt with plaid flannel sleeves, tying them at the front of the waste to finish off the piece.

One of the key components to the punk trend is the do it yourself attitude. Christian Louboutin covers his leather loafer in silver spikes for some heavy metal chicness. No need to break out the scissors on your own, Alexander Wang puts his personal touch on DIY through his leather knee cut out boot. And speaking of, you can’t do punk right without lots o’ leather!  Acne gives a refreshing twist to the classic leather motorcycle jacket with a black and white striped pattern. For the perfect pairing, layer Rick Owens’ open knit black dress underneath for an edgy ensemble. What’s more bad ass than red leather Isabel Marant pants? Red leather pants covered in silver studs and crystals, creating a true contemporary punk look.

Written and Edited by Eden Herbstman

Design by Eden Herbstman


1. Alexander McQueen Britiana leather skull clutch

2. 3.1 Phillip Lim printed silk skirt

3. Christian Louboutin leather spiked loafers

4. Alexander Wang Martha cutout leather knee boot

5. Acne Mape striped leather jacket

6. Isabel Marant studded and crystal red leather pant

7. Rick Owens open knit dress

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