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A Glimpse Into the Mind of Jewelry Designer ADRIANNA BEER

By Eden Herbstman

Fall 2013

Adriana Beer, the designer behind jewelry brand Hadriacreates bold and statement-driven pieces welcoming color and experimental shapes through the use of textures and design. Hadria goes beyond the realm of jewelry in the traditional sense by truly capturing the ornamental spirit that accessories should hold. Any piece of clothing, or even the human body, serve as a backdrop canvas to her delicate creations. Gold platings over skeletal structures and long chain pendants are just a few of the ways Beer creates wearable modern art. The New York City based designer dishes to us on her latest collection, and the prevalent theme of God’s Eyes found in each piece.

Eden Herbstman: Tell me about your newest collection and what inspired it? 

Adrianna Beer: The FW 13 collection is inspired by textures and wrapping, with God’s Eyes serving as the core muse and shape. For this collection, I aimed to create a range of pieces with something for everyone. Many people have made God’s Eyes in their youth, so I wanted to pull this childhood memory into their contemporary adult life by showcasing the shape in a modern way.

EH: Was there anything you did differently in this collection compared to past collections?

AB: This collection has a lot more color in it. I utilized and experimented with color through the use of different material textures, in the forms of casted leather, wrapped organic fibers, grommets, or cast wire. Staying true to the signature look of Hadria, I took these materials and colors and played with them in the open negative spaces of the pieces.

EH: What are three things you want your brand to represent? 

AB: Ageless, strong, and empowering.

EH: When do you feel the most creative? 

AB: For me inspiration comes during the times at night when I’m trying to fall asleep and can’t, due to a flooding of ideas and thoughts. I find that my best inspirations coming during those organic all nighters, and at those moments, it is important that I turn on the light and sketch the concepts which are being conjured up.

EH: When  not working what can we find you doing? 

AB: Adventuring! That could be a ride into Chinatown on a foodie voyage, or an impromptu trip to another continent. I love to travel and experience different cultures. I also really enjoy popping out of the city and hanging with my two fantastic brothers in Middleburg, Virginia for the weekend.

EH: Where do you see yourself in ten years? 

AB: Creating. I want the brand to expand and grow to include men’s and lifestyle.

Adrianna Beer is a jewelry designer for the brand Hadria located in New York City. Beer was born and raised in Virginia, and graduated from Parsons School for Design.


Hadria Official Website 

Written by Eden Herbstman

Photography Courtesy of MAO PR 

Design by Marie Havens 


Adriana Beer, Photography Courtesy of MAO PR 

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