A Spotlite on Designer BRIANNA DEROSE of WELL KEPT

By Eden Herbstman

Fall 2013

New to the fashion scene is Well Kept, an entire brand dedicated to functional shape and sportswear. Designer and founder Brianna DeRose elevates casual layering pieces, like body suits and other lingerie essentials, by incorporating mesh and leather for a contemporary feel. Spending her early career in fashion PR, Brianna was exposed to the daily ins and outs of the on set photo shoot environment. Realizing that literally its what underneath that counts, Well Kept’s birth came as a response to a lack in the market for quality layering essentials. Brianna turns this idea into a creative philosophy for her brand. She designs to bring out confidence and positivity for anyone that wears her pieces. After teaming up with model and downtown scene queen Cory Kennedy for her first look book, Well Kept is shaping up to be the epitome of go to easy fashion. If you live by the style mantra of “less is more” then welcome to your latest fashion find.

Eden Herbstman: What were the early stages leading up to Well Kept like, and how did you come up with the idea for the brand? 

Brianna DeRose: When I was working in fashion PR I realized there was always that niche product that was missing, and they would be layering pieces. I would be running around the city with all these black garment bags, but I could never find those items. I spent a lot of time thinking about loungewear and lingerie ideas. I love running and working out, so I would stitch little pockets into my sports bras for convenience things. Those things are what started my mentality of the brand and where I wanted to go.

EH: What are qualities you want the brand to evoke? 

BD: It speaks more to a type of lifestyle. Ever-changing, ever growing, it’s an anemia. Personally, I am not “well kept” every single day when I roll out of bed, but it’s always something to keep in the back of your head. It embodies anything or everything you want it to be. My biggest thing is confidence, and a major thing I am trying to promote to girls. Sometimes in the sketches when I see the design on paper I question if I can really wear this, but then I put it on and it is instant confidence. I know my product isn’t for every girl. It’s shape wear, so you have to wear the clothing with confidence, and it’s for the girl with the attitude “I don’t give a shit this is me…take it or leave it.”

EH: Was there a moment you started to gain more confidence in your brand? 

BD: During this past Miami Swim Week there was one day where I wore our Amaury body suit all day, and I ended up wearing it all night too. It’s a bodysuit, but swimwear as well. I was out all day and had no time to change at night, so I just threw a skirt on over it. I realized this is really something that fits the on the go attitude, where you get the best bang for your buck. I know everyone is still watching what they spend, and I’m a very fickle shopper, so I keep that in mind when designing too.

EH: Are there any people or things that contribute to your design inspiration?

BD: Raf Simmons, Rick Owens, and Hedi Slimane. They are all kind of these godfathers of contemporary fashion, and inspire the less is more attitude.

EH: Can you tell us about your upcoming ‘SS 14 collection? 

BD: We’re breaking a little bit into ready to wear and building a uniform for layering pieces. We have some great high-low hem dresses, really cool skirts, and a butterfly effect crop top that serves as the main piece for the collection.

Brianna DeRose is the designer and founder of Well Kept.


Official Website for Well Kept 

Written by Eden Herbstman 

Photography by Coco Alexander

Design by Marie Havens


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 Brianna DeRose, NYC, 2013, Photography by Coco Alexander


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