You Know Me !


Fall 2013

1. How do we know you?

The world knows me because I am a national TV fashion correspondent regularly on NBC”s TODAY and a number of other TV shows & talk shows. I famously wore a dress made out of 200 bras for a Bravo TV show (that landed me on the worst dressed lists!) and I’m also known as the “bra lady” because I wrote the bestselling book, The Bra Book! Patrick has photographed me a couple of times at various fashion events or red carpets, and recognized me in the front row recently at MBFW! He glanced over, and then got pulled away by someone else, but luckily we ran into each other in the alley outside the backstage entrance! He’s not only a legend, he’s just a great guy!

2. What is your latest project?

I’m still regularly  appearing on TV giving out fashion, beauty, and bra advice, and working on my 2nd book. I also just launched a lingerie-inspired handbag line called Jené by Jené Luciani, available at (I’m carrying the “sultry snake” clutch in this picture!)

3. Where are you living?

New York!

4. What don”t we know about you?

Many people don”t know that I”m also a trained singer!

5. What is your favorite travel destination?

As someone born and raised in New York State, I love anywhere that’s not here (LOL). Believe it or not, I really enjoy LA–the pace is sooo different, and the vibe.

6. What inspires you?

Seeing creative ideas, that may seem “crazy” at first, coming to fruition. Knowing that anything is possible.

7. If not yourself, who would you be?

Who else would I want to be? Seriously though, if I had to be someone else for a day I’d say Lucille Ball. She was such a cool chick, had such a fun life, and no matter what she was going through in life, she kept a smile on her face.

8. What book is your bible?

The Bra Book seems to rule my life these days…but I’m just grateful to have reached so many women in the way that I have with not only my story, but my research and expertise. I also live my life by the principles of The Secret and The Purpose Driven Life, but I believe it’s all driven by our closeness and relationship with and faith in God, and I read passages every day from my Daily Bible App on my iPhone!

9. What is your favorite word?


10. Who is your biggest hero?


11. How would you define success?

Success is doing what others said you couldn’t, and finding personal happiness and fulfillment.

12. What would the last question of this questionnaire be if you were the one asking?

I thought yours were pretty good…hah!

Jené Luciani is a lifestyle expert / TV personality. She has appeared on many TV shows including NBC”s TODAY, and her book The Bra Book was published in 2009 by BenBella Books.


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Questions by PMc Magazine

Photography by Amy Pinard

Design by Marie Havens


Jené Luciani, Photography by Amy Pinard

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