A Spotlite on JACOB ARABO

By Eden Herbstman

Winter 2013-2014

If Lorde is curious as to why every song is about “diamonds on your timepiece” lets rewind about twenty years ago to the beginnings of a now internationally recognized brand that gave us such decorative (literally) cultural signifiers. Jacob Arabo, the diamond aficionado and man behind the prestigious jewelry house Jacob & Co, made his name in the heart of New York City when he opened up his flagship location. Celebrities and music heavyweights championed his keen eye for design and custom creations, making Jacob and Co. one of the most recognizable luxury brands. Jacob chats with PMc on his rise in the jewelry industry and maintaining his global success.

Eden Herbstman: What do you believe it is that has made your brand a global success for so many years?

Jacob Arabo: My brand is an extension of the values I feel are important – creativity, quality, experience.  We offer a wide variety of jewelry and watches that cater to every taste and personality, but they all feature relentless attention to detail and quality, and we combine that with truly personal customer service to give the full luxury experience.

EH: Jacob and Co. is now a globally recognized brand, but you originated in New York City. How does NYC resonate personally with you as the brand’s place of origin and flagship location?

JA: New York inspires many of our designs and collections. It’s a global city that draws the best of the best from all walks of life and that’s a constant inspiration for me. It’s a unique honor to be Jacob & Company – New York.

EH: When do you think your “breakout moment” was in the jewelry industry?

JA: I think the breakout moment was when I had celebrities start coming in to see me one after another and wanting to work with me and wear the jewelry and watches. After that, when magazines started featuring Jacob & Co. pieces, it was at that moment when I knew I had “broken out” in the industry.

EH: Your upcoming international campaign features Sports Illustrated model Natasha Barnard. What was the collaboration like?

JA: Natasha is a very beautiful and sophisticated girl. Working with her was great.  She’s a true professional and a credit to our brand. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with global soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo for our men’s campaign. Ronaldo was a natural fit: a world, class competitor, a champion, and a gentleman. He’s the current male face of our brand.

EH: Has there been an evolution or change in Jacob and Co. over the years?

JA: We’ve come out with some beautiful new fine jewelry lines as well as developed an extensive high jewelry collection that boasts one of kind, museum quality pieces using the finest, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and diamonds. We are also focusing on a wider global distribution, as well opening more stores in the future.

Jacob Arabo is the founder of international jewelry brand Jacob & Company.


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Written by Eden Herbstman

Photography Courtesy of Jacob & Co.

Design by Eden Herbstman


Jacob Arabo, 2013, Photography Courtesy of Jacob & Co. 

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