A Conversation with MATT WHITE

By Meaghan Coffey 

Winter 2013-2014

We”ve all had that moment–a song comes on the radio, or plays in the supermarket, or soundtracks a commercial, and we”re hooked. We”re reaching for our phone to Shazam it before the thirty-second clip is over or the song switches, or we”re googling the lyrics to try to find the name. It”s a fact of life that there are some sounds out there that just grab you and won”t let you go. Matt White”s records provide perfect examples. If you don”t recognize Matt White”s “Love” immediately, chances are the chorus will match up with a memory of a movie montage or perhaps even remind you of a time you were as happy as the characters in romantic comedies always seem to be, and as happy as White must be whenever he performs it. I caught up with him to find out more about this elusive attention-grabbing sound.

Meaghan Coffey: Where did your passion for music find its start? 

Matt White: I have loved music since I was a kid. My whole family is musical so it seemed natural for me.

MC: After three albums–Best Days, It”s the Good Crazy, and this year”s Shirley–how do you think your sound has changed? 

Matt White: My sound has changed because I have more experience in life. Best Days was written when I was in college so I reflected on that. Also, I am really a piano player and I wanted to get back to that instrument.

MC: The fact that your songs appear in over a dozen shows and movies says so much about your ability to make relatable music that helps people connect to a moment. What”s it like to contribute to a soundtrack? 

Matt White: Well, I think that because all my songs are generally about love, it makes it a natural fit. I love hearing my songs in music, I am overly critical of myself when I hear them.

MC: You performed a piano version of “Love and Affection” on the Bachelorette this year. How did that performance come about? 

Matt White: I was asked to play the first dance for JP and Ashley, then the show asked me if I would do a date night for the next season. I became friends with the people who put on the show so it became a great experience for me.

MC: Is there an up-and-coming singer songwriter out there that you admire? 

Matt White: I love Ian Axel from A Great Big World.

MC: What or who do you look to for inspiration when you sit down to write a song? 

Matt White: That is a tough question because I really never know how to predict when I feel inspired. It sometimes just happens. For me, it”s usually sitting down and listening to my heroes that will inspire me to write.

MC: And what”s up next for you? 

Matt White: A world tour.

Matt White is a singer-songwriter.


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Written by Meaghan Coffey

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Matt White, Photography Courtesy of Brandsway Creative

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