Catching up with BENJAMIN FAINLIGHT of LPD 

By Eden Herbstman

Winter 2013-2014

Fast forward a few years since LPD first blew up on the street style scene, and the movement is still on trend. In our current fashion culture where it’s hotter to be Radarte than Rodarte, LPD is one of leading fashion houses for downtown luxury. But LPD went further than that. The brand gained global recognition with their production of “fashion team” t-shirts and hoodies, encouraging, embracing, and creating a fashion dialogue amongst consumers worldwide. We chatted with Benjamin Fainlight, founder/wunderkind behind the LPD empire, on the brand’s growth and success over the years. Sticking to the no “I” in team philosophy, LPD continues to promote collaborations banning all fashion lovers, or just the cool kids, together.

Eden Herbstman: What is it about your designs do you think resonated with your consumers, and did you anticipate this success from the beginning? 

Benjamin Fainlight: I think the success is primarily for two reasons: the increasingly casual clothing people wear on a daily basis, and the widespread accessibility of high fashion via the Internet and social media. I could never have expected this from the beginning! I”m really flattered by the response, especially considering I never imagined the way this would take on a life of its own. It”s really amazing to see LPD supported internationally by people of all sorts, and I think it speaks to people”s desire for fashion that”s direct and unifying.

EH: Did the controversy or doubt of the legitimacy of your brand affect you in any way, or did you not pay attention to it. To those who did doubt you, what do you have to say to them now? 

BF: I don”t really pay attention to the criticism more than absolutely necessary. A lot of it is based in speculation or opinion instead of hard facts. I don”t have anything to say to the doubters per se, but I think the success and spread of LPD is really a testament to the power of hard work. If you have a vision, LPD shows that you should follow it through however possible. You never know what could happen or how it could resonate with people in unimaginable ways.

EH: How has your brand grown, and what can we expect in the coming months?

BF: LPD has grown in leaps and bounds since this time last year. Instead of just t-shirts, we showed everything from outerwear to knitwear last season. The coming months will continue that expansion and growth of the brand into what I believe is a strong encapsulation of young, New York fashion and creativity.

EH: Who would your dream collaborator be? 

BF: I would love to work with Takahiro Miyashita, of The Soloist and Number (N)ine. He”s such a visionary and is always true to his inspirations and directionality that I think bringing our worlds together would be a really unique and rewarding experience.

EH: On LPD”s Tumblr page there is a slogan “Gang Members Only.” Can you talk a little about this, and what it means to the philosophy of your brand? 

BF: LPD is rooted in the concept of making a team out of fashion-lovers. When you think about the basic definition of a “team,” you realize a gang is really just another sort of team in another context. We want to band all our supporters together into one group, and “Gang Members Only” is an expression of that desire.

EH: When you”re not designing what can we catch you doing in your down time? 

BF: I don”t have much down time, but I like to spend it having a good time. Whether that”s going to museums or going out with friends, I use my down time to escape the stresses of running a brand.

EH: Can you dish on anything LPD has in store for NYFW? 

BF: I can”t be too specific, but LPD will be holding a show that will take place simultaneously at different locations through out fashion week. Just make sure to keep your eyes open all week to see our work.

Benjamin Fainlight is the founder and designer of LPD New York (Le Plus Dores.)

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Written by Eden Herbstman

Design by Mina Darius

Photography Courtesy of ONE PR 


Photography Courtesy of ONE PR 

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