A Spotlite on Designer LEKA 

By Eden Hersbtman

Winter 2013-2014

Design house Leka is breaking the mold and raising on the stakes for womenswear. A Leka piece gives the wearer something tangible, the physical creation, and something intangible: an attitude and heavy emotion behind the clothing. To fully embody the female form, a Leka creation focuses intensively on the architectural form, rooted in the creation of each piece and contributes to the qualities making Leka a unique pioneer of womenswear. The clothing welcomes the dramatic and blends practicality with sexuality.

Eden Herbstman: Dramatic and fearless are two things that instantly come to mind when describing your clothing. Are these two things essential to your evening wear?

Leka: Emotion is the most important component of my designs. Before starting the work on sketching, I feel the future reaction of people who will the final result. I involve into my work the emotions and feelings of my clients and audience. My Resort 2014 collection underlines the high-stakes drama and perfection of woman”s figures. I made an effort to create a new cover for females, to give them a new role without hiding their natural curves. I tried to emphasize the femininity and to subtilize the sexuality. The process of creating my resort collection was really emotional to me. Each and every detail in it has its own typical reason to be. I could speak on this topic hours and hours.

EH: How did you develop your design aesthetic? What is the earliest memory you have?

L:  I am an architect by education, and I see much more than just a clothing designer. I do not work in one plane. I use the space around a female when making a design. Women that wear my clothing understand this.

EH: What are some signature elements you kept for your F/W 14 collection, and what are some new things you may have added?

L: The collection fall/winter 2014 is called “Anatomy.” I balanced between the light and heavy materials; I created the heavy lightness and the light heaviness, mixing those ideas with the human body.

EH: What drives your creativity? 

L: The main power that drives me is the desire to amaze and surprise people.  The aspiration to move forward and learn new and interesting things every day makes me forget about time and space. I belong to the movement of fashion design entirely.

EH: In five years where you do see your brand?

L: In five years or perhaps even earlier I see my brand in every world capital”s main shopping district. But most importantly, the goal is to have it on Fifth Avenue in NYC.

EH: What is your favorite thing about being a designer based in NYC? 

L: New York is a center of the world”s motion. The most important events in fashion and design begin here. The rhythm and the atmosphere of New York give me inspiration for my development. The most exciting thing that happens here is that you never know who you’ll meet in a day and how it may change your life. New York City is a city for challenging people and I am a challenging person.

LEKA is a New York City based fashion designer.


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Written by Eden Herbstman

Design by Francesca Rimi

Photography Courtesy of MAO PR 


Photography Courtesy of MAO PR 

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