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The Stanford University Lecturer Lists His Favorites

By Shane Boyle

Winter 2013-2014

1. Assault on Wall Street

Not to be confused with The Wolf of Wall Street.

2. 12 Years A Slave

Remember when Amy Poehler joked that 12 Years a Slave changed her mind about slavery and Hollywood laughed uncomfortably?

3. Spring Breakers

A cautionary tale of what would happen if student debt suddenly didn’t exist.

4. Fruitvale Station

The credits thank the Oakland Police Department. As the audience I saw it with shouted: “Fuck that.”

5. Paradies: Hoffnung

The conclusion to Ulrich Seidl’s trilogy is another reminder that no one can discomfit us quite like an Austrian.

6. The Bling Ring

Of all the movies last year that followed clandestine cells (eg. The East, The Company You Keep, Now You See Me), The Bling Ring had the best politics.

7. Her

In a world where high-waisted wool trousers have replaced skinny jeans, Warby Parker remains in style.

8. All Is Lost

Robinson Crusoe vs. a shipping container—spoiler alert: the shipping container wins.

9. The Purge

Of course Orange County would welcome The Hunger Games with open arms.

10. Le Capital

What Costa-Gavras delivered with Le Capital wasn’t quite Assault on Wall Street, but whatever.

Shane Boyle is a lecturer at Stanford University.


Shane Boyle at Stanford University

Written and Compiled by Shane Boyle

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Film Still from Assault on Wall Street, Photography Courtesy of Phase 4 Films

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