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A Conversation with Rising Star TERESA MOORE 

By Eden Herbstman 

Winter 2013-2014

More is more in the fashion world, and top model Teresa Moore is proving so. Aside from the New Zealand beauty”s impressive resume (you may recognize her work with Ralph Lauren, Diesel, Neutrogena, to name a few) and obvious exotic looks, Moore”s wit and professionalism have gotten her notice and top ranks in the modeling industry. We caught up with Moore pre fashion week to get the down low on her career and what she”s like off camera, and turns out she”s just as awesome when she”s in “model off duty mode.” It”s safe to say we”ve found our girl crush of 2014.

Eden Herbstman: Is there a specific moment or modeling job that you realized was your “big break?”

Teresa Moore: When I shot a spread for W Magazine at the start of my career. It really changed my bookings and how people saw me. It was such a beautiful shoot as well.

EH: What inspired you to be a model?

TM: I”m a performer by nature, I”ve done musicals and plays since I was little, so when I was asked to model in my hometown of New Zealand it was really exciting and a natural evolution. I would practice walking on a catwalk in my garden when I was five years old, I made fake photo shoots with my friend Nessa in primary school. (She later went on to become a makeup artist.) I just thought it was all really fun, and I never thought it would become a real career.

EH: What is your favorite part and worst part about Fashion Week?

TM: My favorite part is the adrenaline of walking down the runway during a show, and the worst part is how quickly a show comes and goes. A lot of work goes in for fifteen minutes of magic!

EH: What is a stereotype about modeling that annoys you?

TM: That models are dumb, slutty, starving, bitchy, or vacuous. Models have all different personality types, just like any other population, and I think those negative stereotypes are things we have to overcome from people”s first impressions. I try to always be myself and hopefully people get to know me and not judge me.

EH: What is your favorite travel destination?

TM: St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. It is topical, fun, beautiful, and close to NYC.

EH: What can we find you doing in your down time when you aren”t modeling?

TM: Making fun events for my friends, writing for my food and fashion blog Teresa Tasteswatching TED talks for inspiration, and running.

EH: Do you have a dream photographer you would love to work with?

TM: The greats: Mario Testino and Steven Meisel.

EH: What is one thing people don”t know about you that you want to share?

TM: I was valedictorian of my high school. I feel like I have to keep quiet sometimes to not seem smart or bossy. People don”t know what to do with a smart model. I also have major hula hoop skills. Seven at one time…need I say more?

Teresa Moore is a model and actress, originally from Tonga and New Zealand, managed by Elite Models New York.


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Written by Eden Herbstman

Photography Courtesy of Brandsway Creative

Design by Marie Havens


Photography Courtesy of Brandsway Creative

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